Is tom holland and zendaya dating

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All the Signs That Zendaya and Tom Holland Are Dating

is tom holland and zendaya dating

Publicly speaking, Zendaya Coleman and Tom Holland are Spider-Man costars and just "mates." But privately, the two have been reported to be dating since last July—a fact Coleman's friend Skai Jackson's mother Kiya Cole appeared to confirm in an Instagram comment this weekend.

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It has since been deleted, but it created a ton of surprise drama over the last two days. Cole seemingly responded to a fan who mocked JustJared's "rumored real-life boyfriend" caption. She wrote, "Yes. It's true. They been on the low for a while.

So are Tom Holland and Zendaya dating offscreen? Update: Kiya Cole's agent has since denied having any knowledge of the situation, telling Bustle in a statement: "[Cole] has zero idea who anyone is dating nor does she make it her business to know. When asked if she and Holland were more than just platonic sidekicks, she answered with a resounding no. However, those still holding out hope were rewarded with a juicy tidbit earlier this week. In a comment thread below the photograph, a Sebastian Stan stan aptly called sebastianstan. They been on the low for a while.

Elle reminds us Holland posted a photo of him and Zendaya hanging out off set in July to Instagram, and the following November, the two shared the cover of The Hollywood Reporter, which really got fans talking. And a source told People in that the two were definitely romantically linked. For being in the public eye, Zendaya has become a master at keeping her private life private. And she even told Vogue that she had a boyfriend of four years that the public seemingly never knew about. As for who the man in question was, Elite Daily notes it was heavily speculated that she dated long-time friend Trevor Jackson.

Let's go with that. Skip navigation! Story from Pop Culture. Real-life Peter Parker and notorious Marvel plot spoiler Tom Holland just spoiled whether he and Spider-Man: Far From Home co-star Zendaya are dating , and sorry to maybe disappoint you, but the answer is a resounding "nah. In an interview with Elle , Holland said that while he's not dating Z, he is open to a relationship down the line. Zendaya and Holland quickly shut down the rumors on Twitter. I haven't been on a vacation in years," Zendaya joked.

Skip navigation! Story from Pop Culture. Ever since Spider-Man: Homecoming c ame out in , stars Tom Holland and Zendaya have been plagued by relationship rumors. And while sometimes being plagued by romantic rumors means that two celebs actually are secretly dating the exact reasons these rumors just won't stop , that's just not the case here. For two years, Zendaya and Holland have had to deny dating one another in interviews, including a recent Elle one in which he says he's not dating Zendaya but he is "a relationship person. It's especially miraculous because this nonsense started way back in They seem to have a really similar sense of humor and love joking around together.

Are Tom Holland & Zendaya Dating? The Actor Was Spotted Out With A Mysterious Blonde

Even before Spiderman: Homecoming was released, it wasn't hard to tell Zendaya and her co-star, Tom Holland, had lots of chemistry. Though both have denied that they're dating, there are so many clues that say otherwise. The two spent lots of time together promoting their movie sequel, Spiderman: Far From Home , and as we've seen with other celeb couples that work on TV shows or movies together, that's the perfect way to catch feelings looking at you Sprousehart.




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  1. Spider-Man: co-stars Zendaya and Tom Holland have yet to confirm that they published a report confirming that the two co-stars were dating.

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