Bella dayne movies and tv shows

Bella Dayne opens up on her role in Troy: Fall of a City

bella dayne movies and tv shows

Bella Dayne, Actress: Humans. Bella Dayne Bella Dayne as Helen of Troy in BBC/Netflix TROY:Fall Of A City Bella Dayne DIG Bella Dayne Still of Bella Dayne in TROY · 57 photos Check out our list of the most anticipated movie releases for the rest of . Guerrilla (TV Mini-Series) Plebs (TV Series).

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Main Details. List Gallery Table. Sex Guaranteed Director: Brad Barnes , Todd Barnes. Producer: Brad Barnes , Sophie Goodhart.

The tale of the romance between Paris and Helen of Troy, and the Trojan War that followed, is one of the greatest in ancient history. Women were really just considered to be there to bear children. It was about finding a voice as a woman, about equality and standing up to a man for love. Paris is most definitely a lover as well as a fighter. In some scenes, you have Paris being incredibly protective of Helen. This Greek tragedy goes to the absolute darkest places you can possibly go to in life, and there were two or three months where I felt like I was going to them every day. Louis has a soft spot for a particular red dress that Bella wears as Helen, but looks slightly disappointed when Bella says her favourite Paris outfit is the togs he wears at the first dinner where they meet:.

Bella Dayne is an actress and former beauty pageant titleholder, born and raised in Berlin, Germany. In , shortly after turning 18, she won the Miss Germany pageant and became Miss Germany Fluent in several languages, she landed diverse roles in international productions, playing characters with a variety of accents and backgrounds French-Canadian, American, French, British, German, Russian, Mid-Atlantic to name a few. Season 3 returned in In , Dayne played Eliette, a French-Canadian idealist and member of a radical group in Guerrilla. The mini-series from Oscar-winner John Ridley is set in the s in London during the birth of the Black Power movement.

The cast of Humans series two is shaping up: Bella Dayne is the newest recruit.
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The swords and sandals drama — an epic retelling of the Trojan War — is, after all, the most high-profile part yet for the German star, previously best known for supporting roles in series such as Plebs and Humans. They wanted to see that absolute raw vulnerability and heartbreak that was necessary for the role of Helen. I went back, and I think I left my heart on the floor in that audition. But when Achilles broke into the Trojan palace to try and bring Helen back to her husband Menelaus Jonas Armstrong , she gave away the plan to him. This week, Eetion and his people come under attack, and a traitor is suspected among the Trojans, forcing Helen to bribe the servant to keep quiet about what he saw. Paris is told that for Troy to live, he must die. You have to make that love believable — you want people to be moved by it.

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