How did jt die on young and the restless

Y&R Spoilers: Is JT Alive? What Might Happen…

how did jt die on young and the restless

JT/Victoria -- Dynasty


He also has a daughter Becca Hellstrom , with his wife Mackenzie. JT was Billy Abbott 's high school friend. He had a reputation of a lady's man, and dated Rianna Miner. He cheated on her and they broke up. JT then starts a relationship with Billy's niece, Colleen Carlton. Colleen is heartbroken when JT cheats on her, but they soon rekindle. When Colleen thinks that she's holding back JT's music career, she leaves town and breaks JT's heart.

Candace Young. Monday, March 25th, Chris leaves them. Paul has no choice but to reprimand Rey. The chief runs down what Rey has done. At Dark Horse, Arturo tells Abby he has something to confess. Abby takes a call from Nick before resuming their conversation.

J. T. Hellstrom is a fictional character from The Young and the Restless, an American soap Luckinbill would reprise the role of J.T., beginning December 12, Luckinbill exited on April 16, , when the character was presumed dead.
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While viewers of The Young and the Restless might have seen it coming, Victoria, Sharon, and Nikki were surprised this week with the storyline twist that J. Hellstrom is alive and kicking -- meaning Nikki Melody Thomas Scott , Sharon Sharon Case , and Victoria Amelia Heinle will presumably be saved from spending their lives in prison for his murder. However, the character's "return from the dead" has thus far not undone his shocking abusive behavior toward his ex-wife, Victoria -- and that's something that is difficult for both fans and J. I'm overly protective of J. I have strong friendships there. It's like a family or a high school class.

The role was portrayed by actor Thad Luckinbill from August 27, , to November 5, In February , it was reported that Luckinbill will once again be returning to the show. He later departed on March 28, He has a reputation as a ladies' man. He dates Rianna, who he treats poorly and cheats on with Brittany. They break up and Rianna moves on with Raul. Colleen is heartbroken when J.

What Happened to J.T. on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

The best kept secret in soaps is out! Sure, as a teen, J.


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