Dog and owner look alike

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Dogs look like their owners its a scientific fact

dog and owner look alike

Dog and Dad Look EXACTLY the Same - ROSENBERG - The Dodo Soulmates

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Photography by Gerrard Gethings. Go to any park, and you will see the strange phenomenon of the canine mini-me. Why do people choose the dog that looks most like themselves? Far from being skin-deep, the answer may give you a new appreciation of the intense bonds we humans have forged with our four-legged friends. Indeed, there are some strange and unexpected parallels with the way we choose our other, two-legged life partners.

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More often than not, dogs and their owners do tend to look alike. Sadahiko Nakajima is one psychologist who has studied this phenomenon in depth. Nakajima conducted an experiment back in to see if strangers were able to match up dogs and their owners. All they had to go on were photographs of their faces. Incredibly, participants identified dogs and owners with 80 percent accuracy. More recently, Nakajima dove deeper. He created another experiment to test if specific facial features were key to correctly matching dogs and owners.

Courtesy of Gerrard Gethings. Gerrard Gethings, a well-known animal photographer, was commissioned by Laurence King Publishing to photograph 25 pairs of identical-looking humans and their dogs for a game called " Do You Look Like Your Dog? These furry friends and their owners looks so much alike you might do a double take. Keep scrolling to see a few dogs and their humans who share a truly uncanny resemblance. Or maybe you've seen these dogs that are dead ringers for celebrities. You can check out his Instagram here.

6 dogs who look just like their owners

And it appears that the saying is true - we really do look like our pets! It was a hard task to pick out our favourites, but here are the ones that stood out to the judges the most. - Take Huffington Post sports columnist Jordan Schultz below , who says he and his wife, Breanna, are often told they're the spitting image of their pups Lexi and Zepplin.

Do These People Look Like Their Dogs?

a well-known animal photographer, was able to find multiple pairs of dogs and their owners that look exactly the same. dog vs owner 8.
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