Door frame and hinge reinforcement

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BEST Door Jamb Security Plate + Hinge and Lock Reinforcement

door frame and hinge reinforcement

#1 Door Frame Reinforcement (Ultimate Door Security)

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Artech manufactures special machines for hollow metal door industry. Artech manufactures projection welding machines for various applications like hinge reinforcement welding, anchor plate welding, end C channel welding, lock reinforcement welding, frame corner welding etc. After welding on Artech CD projection welding machines, you will get excellent aesthetics and great weld. Established in the year , we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of industrial welding machines. We offer a range of capacitor discharge projection welding machines, medium frequency MFDC spot and projection welding machines, stud welding machines and shear connectors.

With statistics like these, it would be stupid not to protect your home and your family! The really good news is that most burglars avoid houses or apartments if too much effort is required. What better way to discourage housebreakers than with a door reinforcement kit that has earned police recommendation! No matter what kind of front and back doors you have including double, side light and sliding glass doors , you can make them unbreakable. This is the best reinforcement because it fully protects all weak points every door has — the jamb, the lock area and the hinges. The system, made of galvanized steel, is recommended by the police and other sources after conducting independent tests.

Meet the door jamb security plate and the hinge and lock reinforcement that will stop anyone from physically kicking in your door. Watch this video:. What does that mean? In 14 years, ArmorConcepts has actually paid only two warranty claims, neither one because the product failed. One was because the door snapped in half and they still honored the warranty and the other one was because the complete bottom of the door was busted off. They think like a lot of customers think.

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About a month ago, I was talking with a friend of mine who's a police officer. We were talking about a number of things in regards to home security, and he mentioned that in most burglaries, the thief just kicks in the door - no problem - because door frames tend to be pretty wimpy. He also mentioned that door frames that were reinforced with a strip of metal were immensely harder to kick in

Meet the door jamb security plate and the hinge and lock reinforcement that will stop anyone from physically kicking in your door. What you just saw is the reason why Door Armor Max Combo kit comes with a $ lifetime guarantee. Essentially you’re using the security plate for.
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