How many songs can you put on a 2gb ipod

2GB iPod shuffle

how many songs can you put on a 2gb ipod

How Many Songs Can You Put On A 8Gb USB?

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It's not uncommon for portable devices to sport large storage capacities that support dozens of gigabytes of available data storage. This amount of space is ideal for carrying around a good selection of your digital music library along with other types of media files. Although these larger-capacity devices remove much of the challenge of hardware storage limitations, it's still helpful to ballpark the number of songs you can stuff in your remaining free gigs of space. Most contemporary popular music clocks in between three and five minutes of length, so most online estimators assume files of roughly that duration. However, you may have other things in your collection that can skew your estimations such as remixes or digitized inch vinyl singles. These can be significantly longer than the usual song length—as can be orchestral works, operas, podcasts and similar content.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Posted on Feb 6, PM. Page content loaded. Thank you for the question. You can hold approximately songs with 1GB.

We're all busy people so let's cut to the chase, shall we? Read this review of the original second-generation iPod shuffle. I'll wait. Here are the two differences between the previous shuffle and the new 2GB model. Higher capacity: When you load the thing with four-minute, kbps AAC tracks, Apple's claim of songs is just about on the mark.

The 4 Gb version is said to hold up to songs, but that would depend on the size and storage density. According to specs given by Apple, the 1GB can hold up to of songs, and the 4GB can hold up to songs. A 2 megabyte iPod Shuffle could only hold a very small song, or no songs at all. A 2 gigabyte iPod Shuffle could hold about songs, give or take some. You need to specify which generation your iPod Shuffle is. Song capacity is dependent on song length and the quality of encoding. You can hold up to songs on an i pod shuffle on a 1GB.

Music lovers always wonder if it is possible to have all their favorite songs and new audio tracks saved on a single Apple device. No matter how much memory your device possess, sometimes it is not enough to save all your media files on it. That is when the need to buy extra drives, flash cards, USB, and iCloud subscriptions appear. The reply is approximate in case your songs are shorter or longer than 4 minutes on the average. In most cases, the experts reply that a user can have roughly audio tracks stored within a single gigabyte of memory.

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