Can an iphone 4 be tracked without a sim card

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How to Make Sure No One Uses Your iPhone When Stolen

can an iphone 4 be tracked without a sim card

Apple's Find My iPhone feature is helpful, but can be thwarted by tech-savvy thieves. the SIM card out or deleting the MobileMe account from the phone. however that means you can no longer track where it is without.


Although my article addresses a number of these, I wanted to put them all in one post for easy reference. Here goes, in no particular order:. I have lost my iPhone,is there any chance of me finding it, if they connect it to a PC, even if the phone has a password lock. Same if it gets a Wifi connection. I just checked my settings, i have checked that box.

Internet Security. I got an email yesterday telling me that the phone had been located. From Ben, Author of does spybubble work. Find my iphone tracks the apple id not the sim card, if it doesn't work its not because the sim was exchanged but because the iphone was not connected to the internet. As long as the iphone is connected to the internet it will be able to use location services, so the app will look for any iphone logged in your apple id with location services enabled. Is there a service anywhere that can find my stolen iPhone 5 using the just the IMEI number and or serial number?

The MobileMe service for iPhone users that lets them find their device if lost or stolen proved useful over the weekend, but it's still quite easy for thieves to turn off. Over the weekend, Livejournal blogger HappyWaffle real name Kevin , posted a great story about how he purportedly used Apple's MobileMe service to track down his iPhone, which was stolen while he was at a bar. By using a laptop with a Sprint EVDO wireless data card, he and his friends figured out where it was and managed to get it back from the person who had taken it. They even used Google Translate to alert the thief in multiple languages that they would call the police if the device was not returned. As good as the story is, a lot of it relies on iPhone owners having certain settings flipped on, as well as the person who has the phone not knowing the right ones to turn off. For one, they can disable all of the MobileMe features by simply yanking the SIM card out or deleting the MobileMe account from the phone.

If your stolen iPhone goes unreported, the thief will be able to use your device and rack up phone and data charges to your account. The "Find My iPhone" application aims to thwart unwanted phone usage, and your cell phone provider can always deactivate your device. If your iPhone has a SIM card, the thief can easily disable "Find My iPhone" by removing the card, so it is important to locate the phone as soon as possible. Enable the "Find My iPhone" application on your phone while it is still in your possession. You cannot enable the application once the phone is lost or stolen. Go to the "Settings" application on your phone and choose "iCloud" from the menu. Toggle the icon next to "Find My iPhone" to the "On" position by tapping it once.

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