Can i sue someone for forging my signature

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Can I sue my ex-spouse for forging my signature on loans and fraudulantly causing debt in my name?

can i sue someone for forging my signature

Forgery is a crime. You can report this to the police.


Question Details: A place of business that charges a monthly fee for a membership signed me up for said membership without my knowledge and forged my signature to sign me up. I went into the business and they wouldn't even look at my email that was sent to me saying I was signed up, and also wouldn't hardly look me in the eye. They said they do that all the time and acted as if it was okay. I feel that I should be compensated for this however, I didn't know to what extent I should go. Is it worth fighting for?

From what you have written with respect to your former spouse, you would have a factual and legal basis for bringing a legal action against her for forging your signature on the loans that you have written about and the monies that she took out where you are seemingly responsible under the loans. I suggest that you consult with a real estate attorney that does business litigation concerning the matter you have written about if you wish to pursue it further. You might also want to consult with law enforcement about the forgery as well as to your signatures. Ask A Lawyer. Question and Answers.

The United States has laws protecting businesses from financial fraud and individuals from fraud and identity theft. Check with an attorney or a bank loan officer before you sign documents for your wife. You may not have the right to do so. In most states, misrepresenting your financial status to a bank, or misrepresenting your credit worthiness and collateral by forging the signature of another person, is an act of bank fraud according to author Benton Gup. Criminal Code, 18 U. Applying the signature of another person on any kind of official or legal document or contract without his express consent—usually through power of attorney-- is an act of identity theft, a felony. If your husband forges your signature on a loan document, you should call the police.

Being arrested for a crime does not necessarily mean you will be convicted. Often we can help you get charges reduced or dismissed, and avoid jail and a criminal record. DUI arrests don't always lead to convictions in court.
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Forgery is a white collar crime , and is generally defined as the creation, alteration, forging, or imitation of any document with the intent to defraud another person. Making a signature without authorization, or causing another person to fraudulently sign a document, are also covered under forgery laws. Forgery laws vary from state to state; generally, they all require the intent to defraud or deceive. It is important to note that forgery is punishable as a felony in all fifty states. As of recent, forging documents has also become a wide-spread way to carry out identity theft. Forgery is covered by both state and federal laws, and only documents with legal significance are considered to be protected under forgery laws.

Forgery is the faking of a signature without permission, making a false document or changing an existing document without authorization. The most common form of forgery is signing someone else's name to a check, but objects, data, and documents can also be forged. Legal contracts, historical papers, art objects, diplomas, licenses, certificates, and identification cards can be forged. Currency and consumer goods can also be forged, but that crime is usually referred to as counterfeiting. Common law forgery was usually limited to making, altering or false writing.

False signatures on contract are considered a type of forgery which is an extensive category of crimes that involves falsification of information on a document. False signatures on contract are considered a type of forgery. Forgery is an extensive category of crimes that generally involves the falsification of information on a document. Every day contracts are willingly entered into by two or more parties who agree to be bound by them. However, when one of the signatures is forged on a contract, certain legal actions may be taken. When an individual creates a false document or alters a legitimate contract with the intent to be fraudulent, then this is considered forgery and is usually considered a crime. A number of criminal statutes require the individual making the forgery to gain benefit from it.

Forgery Laws

How to copy a signature!!

False Signature on Contract: Everything You Need to Know

Just within check forgery law, you can have several different types of forgery and fraud crimes, including filling in an amount on a signed check. And forgery goes far beyond checks and bank notes. Creating, forging or altering almost any document, for the intent of fraud or making money, is considered forgery and is subject to state and sometimes federal laws and penalties for individuals caught forging federal documents. While checks are the forged document most people are aware of, there are many other types of documents and instruments that are commonly forged and counterfeited. Forgery is a type of fraud that carries many of the same penalties as counterfeiting because the three crimes often overlap. The penalty for forgery can vary a great deal depending on many factors, like the severity of the crime, the extent of the crime and whether or not it was committed on a national level. In any case, it is imperative to contact a criminal lawyer to defend these types of cases.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Law Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for legal professionals, students, and others with experience or interest in law. It only takes a minute to sign up. I found this similar question that already has an accepted answer. However, I don't fully like that answer because it says that "signed contract would not be binding if you can prove that it is fraud". Basically answer to the question contains original question because "faked signature" is fraud. So I will ask again - in disputes how is it proved that signature was faked by another person on legal documents?

What Is Forgery?

Forgery also known as "uttering a false instrument" is a serious offense, punishable as a felony in all fifty states and by the federal government. Forgery involves the making, altering, use, or possession of a false writing in order to commit a fraud. It can occur in many forms, from signing another person's name on a check to falsifying one's own academic transcript. When the subject of forgery is currency, it is also called counterfeiting. Our society relies heavily on the ability to produce and exchange legitimate and trustworthy documents. Forged documents can have serious and far-reaching negative consequences on businesses, individuals, and political entities. This is why forgery is punished harshly.




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