When you both love eachother but can t be together

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Impossible Love Ė When Two People Madly In Love With Each Other Canít Be Together

when you both love eachother but can t be together

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Love is a tricky thing. It varies in intensity and in the specificity of emotions. It is sometimes the most beautiful thing in the world and, at other times, it's the most horrid thing we've ever come face-to-face with. It's odd how one thing could be the cause of so many contrary feelings. But that's what makes love so beautiful ó it's the closest thing to perfection that exists in the world, the only thing that can easily and comfortably encompass both good and evil, beautiful and ugly.

Like I'm wandering aimlessly through life. My first true love died in an accident, after that I drank myself retarded for 10 years. My second love.
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In an ideal world, we'd hope that we'd find our soulmates, immediately fall deeply in love with them and then live the rest of our lives together totally and completely enamored by one another. But, unfortunately, that's not the way the story goes. OK, well ó to be fair ó sometimes that really is how the story goes. Other times, you fall in love and something big happens ó maybe you fall out of love, or maybe the pressures of a long-distance relationship are too great. You can also still be totally in love but the relationship isn't working. Hear me out on this. But you also are left with a concrete reason to move on.

Love is the most vigorous force in the universe. It is alchemy. It is the most sublime feeling, yet it holds the power to destroy us, at any given time. It is scary how something so close to perfection, a feeling so pure and magnificent can either make us the happiest person on the Earth, or the most miserable individual in the universe. Naturally, when I first think of love, all that comes to my minds is a fairytale about two people destined to meet on their journey of life.

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Whether through choice or necessity. How can you deal with it when you love him but you can't be together? What can you do when your heart is full of love yet at the same time it is breaking? Love feels so special, so magical, so life-affirming. Yet sometimes it can be dark, sad, and very lonely.


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