Can you go into labor with a breech baby

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Breech Babies: What Can I Do if My Baby is Breech?

can you go into labor with a breech baby

Most babies settle into a head-down position, ready for birth, by about the last month of the baby turning itself naturally before you go into labour is about 1 in 8. If you've already had a baby and this one is breech at 36 weeks, the chance of .


Ok topic sounds like stupid question because I'm sure before c sections women went into labor with breech babies. But my little girl is breech still and im 38 weeks right now I have a c section scheduled for 40 weeks. I'm just wondering in these next 2 weeks if My body can still go into labor intense close contractions or water breaking without having a head engaged and putting pressure down there. Anyone have any experience with this? Yes, they can. I was breech and my mom went into natural labor.

When your baby is bottom or feet first in the womb, they are in a breech position. This is common in early pregnancy.
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What is breech presentation and how can it affect delivery? In a normal, vertex presentation, the baby's head is down at the mother's cervix and comes first at delivery. At term approximately 96 percent of all babies are vertex. This is not normal and it's more serious than the baby's head being up instead of down. During your pregnancy , your baby constantly moves in the uterus and may be in any position. The baby and the shape of your uterus determine the presentation. Since we cannot control either of these factors, procedures such as version -- attempting to turn your unborn baby -- are risky.

Breech Presentation

Back to Your pregnancy and baby guide. If your baby is lying bottom or feet first, they are in the breech position.

Can you go into labor with a breech baby?

This position makes it easier and safer for your baby to pass through the birth canal. In the last weeks of pregnancy, your health care provider will check to see what position your baby is in. If your baby's position does not feel normal, you may need an ultrasound. If the ultrasound shows your baby is breech, your provider will talk with you about your options for a safe delivery. If your baby is not in a head-down position after your 36th week, your provider can explain your choices and their risks to help you decide what steps to take next. Your provider may offer to try to guide the baby into the right position. This is called external version.

Here are some of your questions answered…. This is likely to be picked up at your week scan or in later antenatal appointments. Being in a head-down position does makes it more likely that your baby will be born vaginally RCOG, a. Yes, there are. This is where an obstetrician will attempt to turn your baby. The doctor will apply gentle but firm pressure to your belly to massage your baby into a head-down position.

What happens if my baby is breech?

When a baby is positioned bottom-down late in pregnancy, this is called the breech position. This page explains how and why this occurs. Breech births can sometimes be more complicated for both mother and baby, and therefore planning for the birth requires discussion with your doctor or midwife. Most babies settle into a head-down position, ready for birth, by about the last month of pregnancy. It is fairly common for a baby to be in a breech position before weeks gestation, but most gradually turn to the cephalic position before the last month. When they feel your abdomen at weeks, they will assess whether the baby has settled into a head-down position in preparation for birth.

Sometimes, the baby is in a bottom-first or feet-first position. This is called a breech birth or breech baby. Babies can be breech early in pregnancy. Most of them turn on their own to be headfirst by the time of delivery. As you get closer to your due date, your doctor will be able to tell if your baby is breech.


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