Where can i buy neem oil in south africa

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Escentia Organic Neem Oil

where can i buy neem oil in south africa

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Support your garden's fruitfulness and longevity with the specially formulated Neem Oil for the Garden by Organix South. Neem Oil for the Garden is a liquid extract that's designed to dilute easily with water to then be sprayed on plant leaves, stems and fruits. Neem oil is known in the gardening world for acting as a natural deterent for damaging insects and protecting plants from diseases without harming beneficial insects or animals at all. Using Neem Oil for the Garden at home is a great way to keep your home garden organic and pesticide-free. Simply dilute the oil and spray plants at or around dusk.

Absolute Neem is a new generation botanical pesticide derived from the neem tree. Its application is for the safe protection of crops from various pests. Absolute Neem oil is developed from a unique extraction process which preserves the active ingredient Azadirachtin and many other minor actives triterpenoids. Absolute Neem is an eco friendly insect and mite control agent, it's easily bio degradable, leaves no residue and it is soft to insect predators and pollinators. Absolute Neem controls all pests by acting as an antifeedant, insect growth inhibitor, repellent and it suppresses ovicidal activity. Absolute Neem is highly effective for the control of pests on field crops as well as ornamentals.

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Organix South Neem Oil for the Garden - 16 fl oz

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  1. Neem oil can relieve most skin conditions including acne, eczema and psoriasis. Ingredients: organic Neem oil (Melia Azadirachta Seed oil) . road Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa; Shop/Office: Click for Number; Email: Click for Email.

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