When can i smoke weed after wisdom teeth

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Smoking Cannabis After Wisdom Teeth Removal

when can i smoke weed after wisdom teeth

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Discussion in ' Community Discussion ' started by iParis , Oct 4, Safe to start smoking this soon after getting my wisdom teeth pulled? Most Liked Posts. Joined: Jul 29, Location: New Mexico. I got all four of my wisdom teeth out Tuesday morning around 10am. If it's Friday now, would it be a bad idea for me to try smoking out of a pipe later tonight?

Wondering whether you can be smoking weed after wisdom teeth removal? Should you do it, what are side effects and are there additional things to know. After tooth extraction, your dentist will prescribe you painkillers. As the name suggests, these medications are designed to suppress pain and help you recover. Weed does the same thing. In other words, smoking weed after tooth extraction may be beneficial. You will decrease the pain and fight off inflammation.

Discussion in ' General ' started by Dannyscott , Apr 28, Can you smoke weed after wisdom teeth being pulled? Joined: Oct 9, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 1, Had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. Doc told me no smoking for a week. But of course he meant cigarettes. Which is fine with me, but I didn't ask him about marijuana.

An individual can smoke weed within a period of two to three hours after tooth extraction. Smoking after extraction remain safe if done after observing oral hygiene such as washing the mouth with saline solution and consuming swallowing certain edibles. Smoking can cause irritation at the site bet we advise individuals to wash the mouth with saline solution and chew certain edibles to avoid irritation. Marijuana use remains more effective when smoked rather than ingested. Smoking is inevitable for users and remains safe if done after two to three hours.

Smoking Weed After Wisdom Teeth Removal


Wisdom teeth and smoking... dont say i didnt worn you

Welcome to the Newschoolers forums! You may read the forums as a guest, however you must be a registered member to post. Register to become a member today! If i take a fat bowl the day of getting them remooved, am i likely to get one of these clot things. If i take a fat bowl the next day will i be any better off? Would it be more wise to milk the bong until the smoke is almost up, then stop, take a breath, pull out the bowl and inhale it smoothly. This would be gay cause i couldnt pull through but its better than nothing.

Getting your wisdom teeth removed can be very painful. The medications that your dentist provide can help alleviate the pain, but they can lead to unnecessary side effects of abdominal pain, constipation, nausea, vomiting, and dependency. Luckily, with marijuana, it can mitigate the pain leading to a more euphoric experience minus the dangerous side effects. If you smoke cannabis on regular basis you should consider smoking after you get your wisdom teeth removed. We suggest talking to a Doctor before. With marijuana, you will not have to take a lot of pain medications. In fact, smoking marijuana can increase the euphoric or sedative action of the medications.



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