Can i go to my friends house in spanish

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How do you say, "Can I go to your house?" in Spanish

can i go to my friends house in spanish

Translate Can i go to my friends house. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations.

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You would use "tu" if you're addressing a close friend or someone younger than you. You would use "su" if you're asking someone older than you or someone who should be shown respect. I would wait for some more responses. I have read that you can only use venir to come when talking about moving TO your current location. You cannot "come" to somewhere you are not. This is different from English. Eg you can't phone your boss from home and say,.

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At my friend's house?

When no matter what somebody says, whether it be good or bad, it never feels wrong to throw in a claro or a couple of vale s whenever an opportunity presents itself. When you start taking on the accents or slang words of particular regions. When after long days and nights trying to get your head around the subjunctive clause, you finally feel like you have understood it and can even use it well, only to discover nearly everyone uses it incorrectly anyway.


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