Where can i buy a kendama in san diego

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where can i buy a kendama in san diego

Roots Kendama Tour - San Diego

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In addition to the great educational activities, we will also be giving away prizes from Green Toys AND you will get some goodies to take home with you! Please give us a call at if you have any questions and we hope to see you guys here on the 24th! Good luck to everyone! We are happy to announce a new, monthly event happening at our store, Last Friday! We have put together a FULL schedule of fun, educational activities, craft projects, presentations from guest speakers, games and so much more!

Below are the tricks you need to perform for the Kyu Level and Jun-shodan Level. The Kyu Level starts at 10 easiest and goes to 1 hardest. All skill levels are welcome to try you do not need to have experience! You can also feel free to stop by to practice and receive pointers! Even if you do not own your own kendama, we have sample kendamas that you are welcome to use while you are here, so that everyone can try! Where: New Location! Parking available on the street, in the lot by the corner of Juan and Harney, and the lots by Twiggs and Congress St.

It all started a couple years ago. I was living with my folks in Los Angeles. I was planning to go to school to become a radiology tech, but my plans fell through and I found myself looking for a new path. During this time, I attended my first Kendama competition in San Diego. Kendama enthusiasts incorporate elements of juggling, diabolo, yo-yo and dance to master a dizzying array of tricks. I had been practicing Kendama for about six months and was progressing quickly, so I was eager to see how my skills ranked against others. I was greeted by the clacking sound of hundreds of Tamas being captured in cups and caught on spikes.

The founding of Kendama Institute was very serendipitous.
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Anything and everything Kendama. If it's related, we all wanna see it! Ozora Kendamas are widely considered to be the best available today. The balance and feel of these Kendamas make them the preferred Kendama for both advanced and beginner players. Ozoras are JKA approved, weigh grams, have a beech wood Ken Handle , a cherry wood Tama Ball , comes with instruction, and an extra string. TK16 Kendamas are also widely recommended for beginners because they are durable and reliable. This Dama is the perfect choice if you are searching for a basic, strong, and official Kendama which you will use to hone your skills.

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