How can i send my sky signal to another tv

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Sky Q Problems and Fixes: How to Troubleshoot Your System

how can i send my sky signal to another tv

Doing it right: How to split one HDMI output to TWO TV inputs.

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Is there something wrong with your Sky Q box? We love the way Sky Q mini boxes get TV to every room in your house and boost your Wi-Fi at the same time, but they don't always work as advertised. If both the internet and router connections are marked as good, you might need to reposition or restart one of your Mini boxes. The satellite Mini boxes should be out in the open, away from the floor, the ceiling, and other wireless and electronic devices. Turn the troublesome Mini box off and on at the mains to reset the connection. Sky Q can get a whole bunch of movies and shows on your box for viewing at your leisure, but you don't want to get back home or wake up in the morning to find the recordings haven't happened or have issues with the picture or audio. For series link recordings, double-check the series link is active via the Scheduled tab in the Recordings section of the Sky Q menu.

This blog has been written to help you before you tear your hair out and lose your sanity with some tips and reasons that your Sky box may not be working hopefully get it working again. I have written some of the most common techniques and tips for getting your Sky box working again and tried to organise them in an order with easiest to try at the beginning, getting more difficult towards the end. Good luck!
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You've got the latest television system from Sky, Sky Q , but how the heck to you use it? And are there any secrets hidden in the settings that will make your TV viewing experiences better or easier? We've been using Sky Q since the beginning in so are able to put together all the tips and tricks we've found so far for you to follow. Hopefully, these can help you get the most out of your own Sky Q system. Whether that's finding out that a long press on the remote control power button turns off your TV, or how you can stream your music from your iPhone to the Sky Q box, we've got you covered.

Two baluns are required, a sender and a receiver. The sender is connected to the device you wish to distribute and a receiver which is placed next to your second TV. For best results the two baluns are linked together via a Cat6 cable although where it is not possible to run a new a cable it is possible to use an older existing TV coaxal cable should you already have one in place. Baluns also have an IR link so you are also able to control your HD device from the second room. Lots of manufacturers say their HD baluns work but in our experience they really dont! If you want the best value HDCP 2.

HD Distribution Guide

The package is built around the Sky Q 2TB box formerly known as Sky Q Silver , which essentially works as a hub, delivering content to up to two separate Sky Q Mini boxes and two tablets simultaneously around your home. In total, the Sky Q 2TB box allows you to record six channels and watch a seventh simultaneously - if you can find enough screens.

Watch Sky in different rooms

For this option, you will need to run co-ax aerial cable from the back of your Sky box to the back of the second TV set. Ideally, you should try to use high-quality double-screen co-ax aerial cable to reduce interference. You can buy extension kits in different lengths at Maplin and Argos. See below for an example of an extension kit. Once you have the aerial lead in place, on the back of the Sky box, you will find two aerial output sockets, labeled RF1 and RF2. Connect one end of your aerial extension lead to the RF2 socket, and the other end to the second TV set. With the connection in place, the last step is to tune the second TV into the output of the Sky box.

Quick Fixes if Your Sky Digital Box Has No Signal

We use cookies to give you a better service e. By using this website or closing this message you agree to our use of cookies. To enjoy Sky Multiscreen, each TV in your house needs its own Sky box and they must all be connected to the same phone line, unless you activated your viewing card after 17 December , in which case no phone line connection is needed. However, make sure your boxes are connected to your broadband network where possible. Sky Store rentals and Sky Box Office events can only be viewed on the Sky box on which they were ordered. For more information, follow our Sky viewing card guide.

First, check that no cables have come loose or disconnected at the back of your box. Wait another five or so minutes before going to the next step which is to press the Sky button again. The box defaults to the Welcome Channel channel which confirms the reset and connection status. This step will interrupt any recordings that are currently in process. However, saved settings and recorded programmes are safe. First, switch off your Sky Box and all peripheral devices at the mains and wait until the power light on your digital box has gone out before moving on to the next step. Checking signal strength is the same of HD and older model Sky Boxes.


Sky+: Find out all you need to know about watching Sky throughout your home. You can watch Sky TV in different rooms with Sky Multiscreen or a tvLink.
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  1. Aerial Booster with multiple outputs, handy if you get signal loss over a long cable run. The RF output is not capable of sending HD, neither is SCART, so a video sender is out of Q. Can I change channels if my Sky box is in another room?.

  2. So I was wondering is there a way I can watch sky in another room .. Will a HDMI cable not work? as I looked at my box the only cable from the . I've been reading up on IR injectors which transmit the IR signal over HDMI.

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