B&m brown bread in a can

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This Traditional Boston Brown Bread In A Can Is So Moist And Delicious

b&m brown bread in a can

In New England, one of the most popular varieties of brown bread is made by B&M in Portland, Maine, and it's sold in a can. Canned bread might sound strange.

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The sweet, dense bread with or without raisins is a source of nostalgia for many people, especially those with Northeastern roots. Vermont Country Store. According to tradition, she steams the bread in one large can. The batter is poured into the can and then placed into a pot of boiling water covered with a tight-fitting lid or foil. King Arthur's Flour.

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My mother bought very few prepared foods or package mixes when I was growing up. There are lots of recipes for steamed brown bread on the internet but I like this one the best. On the East Coast brown bread is traditionally served with baked beans and weiners. Brown bread has been on the American food scene since Colonial times. Some use brown sugar, but the more traditional ones rely on molasses for sweetening. I started with my large Le Creuset Dutch oven and a few wide mouth canning jar rings. This recipe makes enough dough to fill 4 ounce soup cans half way.

B&M Brown Bread in a Can

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Brown Bread however is a popular regional staple of New England going back to the days of the Pilgrims. As practicing puritans the Pilgrims would cook the bread, along with baked beans for Saturday night dinner. Brown Bread is a slightly sweet steamed bread, typically cooked by steam in a can or pan. Raisins are also often added for additional flavor. As the company grew they included more product lines, including brown bread. I was unsure if this was releasing air, or taking it in.

Some folks enjoy eating the bread sliced up as-is at room temperature, but you can also warm it in the microwave or toaster oven. You can also make it a meal by serving the canned bread topped with a generous ladle of baked beans. Hot dogs on the plate are also not uncommon. In many households, hot dogs and baked beans with brown bread canned or homemade was a Saturday night tradition. For many, it still is. Do you like it with butter or beans?

Instructions: Remove both ends of can. If necessary, gently push loaf out one end with a spoon. Slice to desired thickness. To Bake: Wrap in aluminum foil. Heat 25 to 30 minutes in degree F oven. Microwave: Wrap in cloth or paper towel.

Instructions: Remove both ends of can. If necessary, gently push loaf out one end with a spoon.,


Brown Bread



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