Can dogs eat corn husks

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Dangers of corn on the cob to dogs and what to do if your dog eats one

can dogs eat corn husks

Dog husks and eats corn

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Corn is a main ingredient in many cereals and whole grain food. Can dogs eat corn just like we do? Yes corn is safe for dogs in limited amount. Freshly boiled corn should be given to dogs off the cob otherwise dogs get choking hazards. Corn is included in the diet of your dog because it has nutritional benefits for dogs as well. It contains carbohydrates, protein, linoleic acid and lots of antioxidants. Corn has healthy vitamins, fats and fiber in it.

These so-called foreign objects usually pass through their system without causing any problems. However, some are just too big and can get stuck. This may be the case with corn cobs. Your dog may have to go under general anaesthetic to have the foreign object removed. A black Labrador had to have emergency surgery at Vets Now after eating corn on the cob.

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Two years ago, while visiting my sister in Tennessee, I got a call from my boyfriend Evan back home in Pennsylvania. Evan went on to tell me how, when he was in the shower, Milo jumped onto the kitchen counter top and ate "a couple of corn cobs. Because of their cylindrical shape and the fact that they're indigestible, corn cobs can easily cause an intestinal obstruction. Initially, the owners assumed the dog was poisoned since she was vomiting violently. But an autopsy and toxicology report later revealed that it was a corn cob. The core was so hard that it cut through her intestines, causing internal bleeding and ultimately her death.


Corn on the cob might seem like a healthy low-fat table scrap treat for your pet, but it is not recommended for dogs.,


Corn on the Cob Risks for Dogs



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