Things you can buy in us but not uk

29 Things The U.K. Has That The U.S. Needs To Have Right Now

things you can buy in us but not uk

NEVER say these EVERYDAY American words in the UK!

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It's banned here for not meeting the American requirement that chocolate be bland, sugary garbage. Imagine Martha Stewart, but as your nice friendly grandma who wears incredible blazers and deals in devastating sexual innuendos. And if you're lucky enough to be from Scotland, it's free! And discounted in Wales. It's legal to drink on the street in England and Wales.

Greetings from the US, my Sunny in London friends! During my first gym experience at an LA Fitness in London, I really struggled with the different machines and free weight sizes. At one point, a personal trainer introduced himself and asked if he could help. Yes, I said Comet. So, if I could bring just one item that is cheap, serves many functions and will transport fairly easily, I choose a can of Comet. Londoners, any ideas?

Oh my God, yes. But there remain other factors that definitely make it worth flashing the cash, or at least the credit card with absurd abroad charges, when you travel. Now, as this is a fashion column I promise I will get to fashion. But it would be remiss of me not to mention that the number one thing I stock up on when I go to the US is the food. Sure, things have improved since the dark days of the 90s, when I had to import Oreos personally and quite possibly illegally across the Atlantic.

See Full Schedule. The cost of living in America depends on your location. But wherever you are, some products are reliably cheaper than back home. Petrol is up to 75 percent cheaper in the U. Bed linen and towels As I trawled expat forums researching this piece, these were repeatedly flagged as bargains. However, my own investigation revealed that prices are similar on both sides of the Atlantic. The only difference is that here you tend to get a higher thread count for your money.

Well they have guns in the UK, but nothing like so many. And no real equivalent of the NRA. Free speech. Update from Thomas Johnson ó apparently there is at least one megachurch. Arguments about mixing religion and government.

Is it still worth holiday shopping in the US?

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The average European eats less than 1 tablespoon of peanut butter a year. Because apparently they're insane. PB is extremely difficult to find in Europe, and when you finally do, the store will probably have neither your preferred brand nor both crunchy and smooth options. Are you even real France? How do you enjoy your j without the pb?

What American items arenít available in the UK?



Well, you can, in fact, buy some of these items on but be and hats that make perfect gifts for people moving within or outside the USA) American Cleaning Products Not In the UK: What to take with you and.
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