I can do all things tattoo

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i can do all things tattoo

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As of Thursday, September 13, Believers young and old often have this scripture hung over their doors in their homes, a cubicle in the office or even tattooed on their skin. It seems as if the connection these Christians have with this particular Philippians scripture is one that they hold dear and near. Tribune Religion asked a number of Bahamians how important the scripture is and what it means to them. For Xena, a Pentecostal follower, this scripture is important because it goes hand in hand with her faith in God. Speaking about the story of David when he was faced with Goliath, she said that is a pure example of what the scripture signifies. Here it is, people were watching this young shepherd boy, going against a giant with just a sling shot.

This post is part of a series looking at misquoted verses of the Bible. However, many of the verses or expressions that are used in these examples are more catchy than they are Biblical. Here we see the great challenge that translating teams must address. Part of creating an accurate translation is being fair to the original text and the other part is using words that communicate accurately for the new language. While these versions of Philippians may be accurate to the original Greek, they are incredibly misleading for many English speakers at least in America. Now, is it possible that God will in fact help you with any one of these things? But using Philippians as your justification is a huge stretch.

It is a very awesome thing when someone is brave enough to stand up for what they believe in. The point is, believing takes guts. Faith takes courage. The ink in our skin is not what makes us sinners. What about the scriptures in Leviticus 19? First, know the context of that chapter.

Whether you are religious or not, the list of designs below should certainly be motivating. Not only are these meaningful designs of a positive nature, but due to the limitless quote featured in them , they should make you want to jump out of bed in the morning, free of any and all doubt! Those who follow Christ, truly believe whole-heartedly that anything is possible through him. Though this may be frowned upon be atheists and non-believers, the quote itself as stated above should still be somewhat encouraging. So, whether you are one who attends church, reads the bible, and kneels down to pray, or you are just in need of some encouragement, be sure to take a look through the different designs below.


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