Can i buy a heating pad with my hsa

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Flexible Spending Account

can i buy a heating pad with my hsa

Heating Pad Vs. Moist Hot Pack Vs. Infrared Heat Review

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. However, after the purchase I realized it wasn't what I actually needed. So I took the heating pad back to Walgreens to return it and the cashier gave me cash in the amount of my purchase. Do I report it on my taxes, send it back in to my HSA account, pocket it and act like it never happened? Any advice is greatly appreciated! This question has been asked before and already has an answer.

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Download the Letter of Medical Necessity. This list does not apply for HRAs. For an HRA, the eligible products and services are determined by your group or employer. If you have eligibility questions about your HRA, check with your benefits administrator. Tip: Avoid brand names and use generic terms for this search. If you have any questions about a product or service which is not in any of these lists please contact customer service:

From skin care to travel pillows, purchase these things instead of letting your FSA money expire. You can purchase all sorts of unexpected items with your FSA funds, including travel essentials, first-aid kits, heating pads and more. Flexible Spending Accounts FSA exist for you to save money for out-of-pocket healthcare costs, which more often than not means copayments for doctor's office visits or insurance deductibles. While it's great to use your FSA funds for those reasons, you might be missing out on some great deals your FSA can provide for you -- whether you're in need of pain relief or pregnancy tests. HSA: What's the difference?

Types of expenses that may be included are:. Over-the-counter, non-prescription medications are generally not included as qualified medical expenses. However, insulin is an exception. Guidelines for spouses and dependents of enrollees are the same as for the employee, as long as the enrollee was married to the spouse during the time the spouse received the medical services or when payment was made for medical expenses. Dependents are eligible as long as they were claimed on an employee's taxes during the time when they received medical services or when expenses were paid. Any expenses incurred before your effective date will not be covered or reimbursed. This is a special health insurance plan.

14 unexpected things you can buy with your FSA

Lost cash is never a good thing. For those unfamiliar, an FSA is an employer-sponsored spending account. You deposit pre-tax dollars into the account, and you can spend that money on a number of health care expenses.





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