Can my dog eat peas

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10 More "People" Foods You Should Share With Your Dog

can my dog eat peas

Yes! Green peas are a healthy treat for your dog as they are high in vitamin A, vitamin K, and various B vitamins. Peas are also a good source of fiber, iron, zinc, .

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Customer Service for Subscribers. What vegetables can dogs eat? Can dogs eat tomatoes? And can dogs eat carrots, celery, avocados and corn? Can dogs eat tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, corn and other vegetables? Are tomatoes safe for dogs to eat?

We have to be careful what ingredients we give our dogs, so you are probably wondering, can dogs eat peas? The short answer is yes. They typically are good for humans and pups!
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As peas are perfectly safe and healthy for us to consume, we often wonder, is it okay for dogs to eat peas? Luckily, this is a vegetable that you can safely share with your dog. They are not toxic to the animal in any form, however, there are a few things to watch out for. In fact, peas are often used as an ingredient in high-quality dog food. Garden peas must always be shelled. As far as pea pods go, if humans can eat the pod, so can your dog; this is a common rule of thumb. As with many human foods, peas are perfectly fine as long as you feed them to your dog in small amounts, every once in a while.

So many people ask that can dogs eat peas. Yes, dogs can eat peas that are not toxic to them. Peas are safe and vital food for dogs and humans as well because they are nutritionally beneficial. Occasionally, you can feed peas but keep in mind it that dogs cannot eat the peas on a daily basis. Peas are very healthy food. It contains dietary fiber, beneficial vitamins, and minerals.

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If your New Year's resolution is to eat healthier, we've got some good news: Your dog can do it, too!, This article also concerns every responsible dog owner that has made an effort to read a dog food label, saw that peas were a part of the ingredients list and got concerned about whether or not dogs can eat peas safely. To answer this question in short, YES , dogs can eat peas safely and peas are nutritionally beneficial to our dogs the same way they are to us.

Can Dogs Eat Peas?

Skip to: content. Keep in mind that the people foods listed below should be fed as an extra treat in addition to or as part of a balanced diet. Squash, like pumpkin, can be added to bulk up his stool and is a good source of betacarotene provitamin A. Hint: remove the seeds and then slice and freeze the squash to make it a fun, crunchy snack for your dog. Popcorn that has been air popped with no butter or salt is a great lowcalorie treat for your dog.

And this is one vegetable that you can safely share with your dog. In fact, peas are often an ingredient in high-quality dog food. You can feed your dog fresh, frozen, or thawed peas, but do not give him canned peas. Like many canned vegetables, canned peas typically have a lot of added sodium, which is harmful to dogs and humans. As far as pea pods go, as a rule of thumb, if humans can eat the pod, so can your dog.


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