How far can i drive on a spare tire

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How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire?

how far can i drive on a spare tire

Jul 17, Updated in , learn how long you can drive on a spare tire from our in how long and how far you should drive before buying a new tire.

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Fact: The spare tire enables you to drive to the nearest repair shop to have the flat tire inspected and either repaired or replaced. You should not drive over 50 mph and no more than 50 miles with a donut-type spare tire. Driving for long distances on a spare tire can potentially cause damage to other car parts, including the transmission. By AAA Automotive. Myth: You can drive normally on a smaller-sized spare tire.

In older cars, every model came with a spare tire that matched the tires already on the vehicle. For years, cars were built with spare tire wells capable of carrying a full-size spare. On many older cars and a few newer models , this is still the case. If you bought a truck, SUV or another larger vehicle, your car may have been equipped with a full-size spare. While a full-size spare is heavier and requires space for storage, these tires are more durable and can handle a drive similar to a normal tire. This process is quick and cheap, and will allow you to drive on the spare tire for a longer period of time.

I know many people suggest that you do not drive on a factory spare for more than 50 miles, but are the really designed to implode once you exceed 50 miles? The reason I ask is that I have a Honda Civic EX that currently has three 3 normal tires and one 1 spare on it after a flat I swapped to the spare and have only driven 5 miles on the spare. All four 4 wheel rims need to be replaced with 4 new tires. BUT I want to drive miles to: 1. Make it a wedding this weekend in my hometown I am a groomsmen 2.

How Long Can You Drive On a Spare Tire

How long can I drive on my spare before it causes a safety concern? These spares are really only made to get you to a mechanic in an emergency to save you the cost of a tow and do not have the strength to last any prolonged period of time on your vehicle., Since the spare tire is used so infrequently, carmakers have switched to narrow, compact spares to save space and weight. Of course, a spare tire is a lifesaver when regular tires go pop, but leaving the temporary tire on for longer than the manufacturer recommends invites a host of problems.

How Long Can You Really Drive On A Spare Tire?

Spare tires are a lifesaver when one of your regular tires pop in the middle of a highway or you may just find the car with a deflated tire. But, how long can you drive on a spare tire? Check this guide if you are one of them. There is no definite answer to this question because it depends on several factors. It happens mainly because the modern vehicles come with a donut tire, which is smaller than a full-size tire. Also, a smaller tire saves space in the trunk.

When you pulled into your parking stall, the car beside you has its spare tire on. A donut is a rudimentary tire, with very little tread or sipes in the tread. It is often undersized in both height and width and is mounted on a basic steel rim. A full-size spare tire is most common on sport utility vehicles and trucks, especially ones equipped with all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The full-size tire usually matches the specifications of the tires on the vehicle and can be operated under normal circumstances indefinitely unless otherwise indicated on the tire.

Want help? We investigated and have the answer sort of. So how long can you drive with a spare tire? In the majority of cases the answer is that you should do everything possible to minimize both speeds and drive time with a spare fitted. However, you should still get to the tire shop or dealer as soon as possible to get the damaged tire repaired, and maintain a functional spare. These spare tires and wheels are designed to mobilize the vehicle just long enough to get to the nearest service station.







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