How can i check my car insurance expiry date

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Is my car insured? How to run a car insurance check

how can i check my car insurance expiry date

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Our guide explains how to run a car insurance check to find out if your car is insured. Compare car insurance Set a reminder. Since continuous insurance enforcement CIE came into force in the UK in , all cars must have a minimum of third party insurance cover to be road-legal. So even if a car is not being used, it either needs to be insured or subject to a statutory off-road notification SORN. If you think this might be the case, you can find out by contacting your insurer or checking your bank statements to see if any payments have been collected in the past 12 months. The MID is the only centralised database of motor insurance policy information for all insured vehicles, and is also used by the police to run car insurance checks. All insurers must be members of the MIB and are required to add all policies to the database.

Is your car insurance still valid? Finding out is easy. Most car insurance policies last for a year, unless you get a short-term policy, or you request to leave the contract beforehand. Your policy will usually run out at So if you have an accident at

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Secured with SHA Encryption. Knowing the exact dates of your auto insurance coverage is very important in preventing a lapse in coverage because you could have an auto accident after that time or be cited for not having the required auto insurance coverage. If you cannot find your auto insurance expiration date in your auto insurance policy documents, try calling the auto insurance company directly or your state department of motor vehicles. Before your policy runs out, start comparison shopping by entering your zip code above! The first place you should look for any information that you need about your auto insurance policy is in your policy documents. They will be able to tell you the end date of your auto insurance policy, which is important because if you have an auto accident after that date, your auto insurance company will not have to cover any of the damages.

Please try again later. I understand it is an offence to wrongfully obtain information of this nature without any of the above reasonable causes. If I fail to provide true reasons for acquiring this information I may be committing an offence of unlawfully obtaining data contrary to section of the Data Protection Act I declare that the information provided will not be used for any purposes unrelated to this enquiry. I further understand that this check on askMID is not proof of insurance nor is it proof of no insurance but confirms only if the vehicle is currently showing on MID. I confirm that: I have read and understood the Data Protection Declaration and one of the options stated above applies to me and I agree to the terms of use as stated on this website.


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  1. Check for free whether or not your car is insured. It's better to be safe than sorry: driving without insurance is an offence. Drivers win at.

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