So im sitting there barbecue sauce on my

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so im sitting there barbecue sauce on my

"So I'm sitting there with BBQ sauce on my titties" vine funny!!


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He blinks again. You lose it. You clench your arms around your middle as you roll on the couch, laughing as wildly as the girl in the vine. Steve chuckles and shuts your computer. His eyes twinkle, a promise hidden in his teasing glance. Your laughter dies down. Steve pats your thigh fondly and stands, stretching tall and long before wandering off.

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And an artist no less? Dai-chan, I never would have expected you to end up with an artsy type. He could only imagine the horrors of having the two mingle. One minute, he was making a drink for Hanamaki, the next, Fumiko was calling him and demanding he pick her mother up at the airport. He should have had Sugawara come with him.

See, thats what the app is perfect for.

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Dad's hilarious find on son's iPad

Someone's search history can reveal a lot about thema lot of hilarious things, we should clarify. Twitter user Ashleigh Wilson shared what happened once her father decided to take a look at the iPad history for her 8-year-old brother's searches. He's searching for the things a typical eight-year-old is searching for. Things like "lucid dreaming. Oh, and " Fortnite ," which has somehow captivated an entire generation. Don't worry, that's not pornographic or anything. It's actually a popular Vine video


So Im sitting there, BBQ sauce on my titties.





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