Name of indian prime minister from 1947 to 2014

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List of prime ministers of India

name of indian prime minister from 1947 to 2014

Indian prime ministers list from 1947 to 2014 Nehru to Modi

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In India's parliamentary system , the Constitution names the President as head of state de jure , but his or her de facto executive powers are vested in the prime minister and their Council of Ministers. Appointed and sworn-in by the President, the prime minister is usually the leader of the party or alliance that has a majority in the Lok Sabha , the lower house of Parliament of India. He was succeeded by fellow Congressman Lal Bahadur Shastri , whose month term also ended in death. Members of NehruGandhi family have been prime minister for a total of 37 years and days. Rajiv's five-year term ended with his former cabinet colleague, V.

Since the India got independence, there have been 15 prime ministers 14 different people. The prime minister of India becomes the chief executive of the Indian Government and representative of the country. Prime minister becomes the leader of the party having the majority in the parliament. Prime minister is the chief adviser of the president of India as well as of the council ministers. The prime minister of India becomes the in charge of the ministry of personnel, public grievances, pensions, department of space and appointments committee of the cabinet.

List of Indian prime ministers from (the time of independence) to (till Name. Entered office. Left office. Date of Birth. Date of Death.
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Effective executive power rests with the Council of Ministers, headed by the prime minister, who is chosen by the majority party or coalition in the Lok Sabha lower house of parliament and is formally appointed by the president. This is a chronologically ordered list of the prime ministers, from the earliest to the most recent. List of prime ministers of India. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback.

List of All Prime Ministers of India Till Now



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  1. 3 days ago List of Indian Prime Ministers (PM) from to till now - History of Prime Minister of India He was the 15th PM elected in , to the post vacated by Dr. Manmohan Singh of Name, Birth-Death, Tenure, Interesting Facts.

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