Tesla model 3 deposit refund

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Tesla requiring $2,500 for Model 3 orders is nothing new

tesla model 3 deposit refund

If you've canceled your Model 3 processing your refund and have the.

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Chitti was among tens of thousands of people who waited in line to reserve the car sight unseen, hours before Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed it to the world on March 31, In the days following the Model 3's debut, hundreds of thousands more people placed deposits, netting the company what amounts to a humongous interest-free loan. How humongous? Most of that money comes from Model 3 reservation holders. But not all of those reservations more than half a million, by the latest count will translate into sales.

Tesla Model 3 reservation holders have received an email saying that the time has come to design and order their cars, reports CNBC. Both of these will be put toward the purchase price of the car, and are not added fees. Buyers can cancel their orders within three days for a full refund, but no refunds will be issued after that. But a Tesla spokesperson told The Drive that this two-step process, charging one fee for a reservation plus a second fee to actually place the order, has been Tesla's standard practice with its other models as well. As early demand for any new Tesla model is met, reservation deposits are no longer required.

I am seriously getting tired of the crap with Tesla. I placed an order and deposit back in April of for a model 3, the day after they were available to order. I canceled the order when I decided to get the X. Curious why an ACH transfer? I wasn't given an ACH option.

Apparently, the list includes Model 3 reservations the company is taking too long to deliver. However, you may be surprised at just how many people dropped their Model 3 reservations and asked for their money back. Since April , reservations for the Model 3 increased steadily every month. Meanwhile, the number of refunds nearly matched those figures, Second Measure data shows. Eight months later, it had nearly doubled to more than , refunds.

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Teslas Model 3 Has More Refunds, Cancellations Than Deposits

Starting this week, anyone in the U. The change was confirmed by Tesla.

Tesla now requires a $2,500 non-refundable deposit to order a Model 3

Published on November 15th, by Zachary Shahan. November 15th, by Zachary Shahan. I think this is about production planning to figure out what these remaining orders actually are. Tesla is in an interesting position. Hundreds of thousands of people put down reservations for a Model 3.

Refunds from pre-orders are now outpacing deposits. Some customers are having second thoughts. Some customers love the Model 3 despite the long wait. We got it. But not all Model 3 customers agree. An analyst with Neeedham and Company reported that there are more people canceling their Model 3 orders than there are putting new deposits down.

While not every automaker requires some portion of a vehicle's purchase price before a factory order, it's not out of the ordinary for Tesla. CNBC also reported that the email sent to readers said delivery of these new orders could take place "in as soon as months. The timing , and not the request for additional money to start the order, is what makes this whole thing appear fishy. Tesla is soon to close its second quarter, and Elon Musk has promised that the company will soon be profitable, although likely not until the third or fourth quarter. Opening up all its remaining reservations to be converted to orders could help shore up the company's financial position as the second quarter draws to a close, providing a boon to its liquidity as the company pushes with its might to reach Musk's self-imposed production goal of 5, Model 3s per week -- a goal post that's been moved back more than once.


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  1. Tesla began accepting deposits for the Model 3 more than two years ago and, after several delays, production is finally ramping up.

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