What does hang fire mean

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what does hang fire mean

"Hang Fire" is a song by rock and roll band The Rolling Stones from their album Tattoo The title expression "hang fire" (by formal definition) means to do nothing, to delay, wait, hold back, or hesitate. The phrase originally denoted the.


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The definition of hang fire in the dictionary is to delay firing. Other definition of hang fire is to delay or be delayed. Educalingo cookies are used to personalize ads and get web traffic statistics. We also share information about the use of the site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Meaning of "hang fire" in the English dictionary.

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Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards , "Hang Fire" is a fast-paced, up-tempo rock and roll track, which belies the happy beat with sharp, satirical lyrics directed squarely at England's economic decline through the s. The song is a bleak look at English society of the time. The song is one of the few times the band wrote an overtly political song, and it is notable that it was never released as a single in England, even though the band was touring Europe during the single's North American release. The lyrical irony and commentary on English society harks back to some of the group's more socially contentious songs of the sixties such as " Mother's Little Helper ", " 19th Nervous Breakdown " and " Street Fighting Man ". Richards was asked about the track in a Rolling Stone magazine interview where he admits the track relates to England and the "ugly politicians" who had caused the country to decline when the "money got tight". The title expression "hang fire" by formal definition means to do nothing, to delay, wait, hold back, or hesitate.

Meaning of "hang fire" in the English dictionary

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A Unlike so many expressions, this one is well understood. It dates from a time when firearms were loaded using a gunpowder charge poured from a flask, which was then ignited by a spark from a flint striking against an iron plate. Gunpowder was notoriously unreliable, partly because it varied a great deal in quality, but also because the slightest damp stopped it igniting properly. When this happened, the powder in the firearm smouldered instead of exploding and was said to hang fire. This was highly dangerous, as you may imagine, because the remainder of the powder might explode at any time, perhaps while its owner was trying to clean the gun out and reload it.



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