What does it mean to dream of a big wave

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Dreaming of waves

what does it mean to dream of a big wave

It is not so difficult to understand your dreams. In this article we will talk about wave dreams and their different meanings and interpretations. Have you ever.

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It is known that our dreams usually represent our own emotions and thoughts. Something that is going on in our real lives may be easily reflected in our dreams. Today we will talk about dreaming of big waves. It is believed that you will have a dream about big waves at the moment when you have a lot of worries and problems in your waking life. If you are not able to handle your current situation and if there are a lot of changes in your life, you will probably have a dream about waves. If you have recently dreamed about big waves, then you should read this article because many interesting things and information are expecting you.

Who has not been to a beach before and watched the waves rolling in? This sight is a very special magic held. Even if the sea is stormy and big waves come in with force, the sight fascinates us. But only if we are at a safe distance. Nobody would like to be vulnerable to this force of nature. What does it mean when we observe a big wave in a dream? Maybe even see a bad flood after a tidal wave?

The power of water element has been fascinating human world since ancient past. Vast water spaces, such as seas and oceans, impress us by their grandiose appearance, their size and unpredictable nature. Even in modern times, when our technologies give us possibility to see far into water depths and to examine the tiniest particles that compose the element of water, we are still helpless before the power of water itself. We try to conquer it by building dams and bridges and else, but waters are still far more powerful than we are. Since water is one of the four major elements that constitute our world, it is natural to assume that dreams about water are particularly meaningful and precious.

Dreams are often reflection of our hiden wishes. But somehow, they sneak into our dreams and then appear disguised in symbols. Even if they seem unrealistic and absurdly in some situations, they have their special meaning. Froyd said that they are royal way into unconsciously. Here we will try to explain the meaning of the dreams about big waves. But before that, we will explain the meaning of your dreams about water.

It is not so difficult to understand your dreams. In this article we will talk about wave dreams and their different meanings and interpretations. Have you ever dreamed of big waves? Did you feel panic or did you wake up several times overnight? Well, we all know that the dreams about big waves may be very disturbing and scary, especially if you are afraid of deep water.

Dreams About Big Waves Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about water are considered bizarre and if they are violent, they can be very unsettling. The state of the water in your dream tells a lot about your waking life, the emotions you might experience currently or will experience in the future., The state and color of the water and the emotions you experienced in the dream reveal its meaning.

What do big dirty or muddy waves mean in a dream? To observe dirty waves in a dream and indicate that you are going to experience the beauty and also the.
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By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by following this link. Seeing large waves in a dream indicates that you are about to release some emotional pent-up energy. Huge waves that surround you in a dream is associated with the emotions that you are feeling. It could be that you may possibly fall in love, become pregnant or feel that you are in a lack of control.


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  1. Dreams about waves are fairly common and they always bear a big message for you. Like water, waves in dreams often symbolize your emotions. They also.

  2. Dreams about big waves could reveal a lot about your life and your destiny. Waves in dreams are waves of your own thoughts and emotions.

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