What does pna stand for in medical terms

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Common Pediatric Medical Abbreviations and Acronyms

what does pna stand for in medical terms

What Does P A Mean In Medical Terms

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The use of medical abbreviations and acronyms can sometimes make it hard to read and understand medical and parenting books, your pediatrician's directions, and prescriptions. Of course, avoiding the use of abbreviations and acronyms, unless they are first defined, is the best way to improve health literacy and avoid confusion. Parents who are confused about the directions on their child's prescription medications can make mistakes giving those medicines. They also can't easily verify that the medication was dispensed the way their pediatrician intended. Of course, the best solution to this problem isn't teaching parents to decipher their pediatrician's chicken scratch handwriting or learn the prescription abbreviations often used on those prescriptions. It would be better if we all used electronic prescriptions to reduce medical errors from poor handwriting on handwritten prescriptions and learned to avoid medical abbreviations. Until that happens, though, you might review some of these pediatric prescription abbreviations and make sure you understand the instructions to any medications that your pediatrician prescribes to your kids.

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I am currently attending on the inpatient medical service — always a treat, and a great learning experience for me each year. Below a select list of some of the commonly used terms bandied about by our skillful interns and residents. Please offer some guesses in the comments section. Not as fun for the patient however. Firstly — Patients name is not Pat, and what does OP stand for?

List of medical abbreviations: P

What Does D C Stand For In Medical Terms



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