How much does a 24 ft extension ladder weight

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how much does a 24 ft extension ladder weight

24 ft. Aluminum Extension Ladder with lb. Load Capacity Type II Duty Rating . Do-It-Yourself a tree house for the kids, Werner's lightweight extension ladders works great for many projects at home. .. Load Weight Capacity (lb.) lb.

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No homeowner can get by for long without a good extension ladder. Surprisingly, few homeowners know much about buying ladders or using them safely, despite the fact that the wrong ladder, or the right one used improperly, can land you flat on your back, in a hospital bed--or worse. If you need a new ladder, probably the best all-around choice is aluminum. It will cost about the same as wood, weigh less and last longer. Magnesium is even lighter, but quite expensive.

Stepladders come in several sizes; the three most popular sizes used by homeowners are 4, 6, and 8 feet. Regardless of the ladder size, the following safety rules apply:. Each of the ladder's four feet must make firm contact with the ground or floor. In fact, ladder manufacturers—and emergency room doctors—recommend never standing above the third highest step. Don't allow more than one person at a time on a stepladder. The exception is when using a specially engineered two-person stepladder, which has steps on both sides. Reaching too far to the left or right could cause the ladder to topple.

Ordinary extension ladders are heavy; and always have been. The leading cause of extension ladder injury is linked to the weight of the ladder—often resulting in torn rotator cuffs, herniated disks, ankle sprains and knee ligament tears from loading and unloading or carrying heavy traditional extension ladders. These injuries have simply been part of using extension ladders, until now.
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A leading cause for extension ladder fall incidents is a slide-out event, usually related to suboptimal ladder inclination. An improved ladder positioning method or procedure could reduce the risk of ladder stability failure and the related fall injury. Participants in the study were 20 experienced and 20 inexperienced ladder users. A series of ladder positioning tests was performed in a laboratory environment with 4. Performance measures included positioning angle and time. The results indicated that ladder setup method and ladder effective length, defined by size and extended state, affected ladder positioning angle.

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How many times have you tripled down from your chair while fixing the bulb, taking the cookie jar out of the cabinet or even doing something important as cleaning your ceiling tile? Unlike traditional wooden stepladders, extension ladders come with the facility to fold it after use. Extension ladders have two parts that can be unfolded and hence extended. Moreover, is compact enough to be stored in any corner of the home, you do not need big basements for this. Its functions are pretty easy, but not its purchasing decision as so many varieties are out there.

For big jobs, choose a heavy-duty extension ladder, like this 24' Werner Co. Ladders come in many forms and a multitude of sizes. While a ladder constructed of wood may hold up perfectly well, most of those made today are either fiberglass or aluminum. Both materials are acceptable alternatives to wood, and usually come with safety features like locking devices and slip-resistant rubber feet. Multi-purpose and extension ladders should be equipped with easy-to-use locks that keep the ladder secure, like these from Werner Co. A lightweight stepladder, for example, may only be rated to pounds. If you or someone in your household approaches that weight, choose a ladder with a higher rating, preferably one that is rated IA, meaning it can support up to pounds.

The ladder works great and is designed well.
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