What does the red in the mexican flag mean

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What Do The Colors And Symbols Of The Mexican Flag Mean?

what does the red in the mexican flag mean

History of the Mexican Flag

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The flag of Mexico acknowledges the country's history, religion and Aztec heritage. From its adoption after gaining independence from Spain, the various aspects of the tricolor have represented the culture and people of Mexico. The flag was created in President Benito Juarez later slightly changed the official meaning of the colors. The color green signifies independence and hope.

The Mexican flag is a vertical tricolor of red, white, and green with a coat of arm on the white band. The country adopted these colors during the battle for independence. The overall design of the flag was adopted in , but the coat of arm was revised in Even though the length-width ratios of the flag and the coat of arms have been modified numerous times, the coat of arms has always had similar features an eagle holding a snake. The meaning of the three colors has also been altered over time.

The coat of arms on the Mexican flag depicts an eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus devouring a rattlesnake. The image relates to the story of the founding of Tenochtitlan , the Aztec capital. According to legend, the wandering Aztecs would know where to build their new city when they saw an eagle perched on a cactus. The image did appear to them, but in an unlikely place on a tiny island in the middle of Lake Texcoco. To build their city, the Aztecs formed a number of small garden islands connected by causeways.

The Flag of Mexico, as it is today, was adopted in But Mexican flag history really goes back over years earlier than that. In the early s, so the story goes, the wandering tribe of Mexica people were looking for a home.
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By Suzanne Barbezat. The Mexican flag proudly and prominently waves over Mexican buildings and squares throughout the country. But do you know what the red, white, and green symbolize? What about the image in the center? Read on to find out why the flag of Mexico looks as it does today and how it developed over time.

Flag of Mexico

The History Behind the Mexican Flag

Flags carry a lot of meaning to a country, and just like the American flag, the Mexican flag is a symbol of freedom. Want to know what the eagle on the flag means? The current Mexican flag has been officially in use since , although the origins of the general three colored design go back as far as The flag of Mexico has three vertical stripes on it; green, white and red. In the middle of the Mexican flag between the green and red stripes is a picture of an eagle holding a snake in its mouth hand right claw. The Left claw of the eagle is resting upon a cactus plant which in turn is situated in a lake. In order to understand the meaning of this image we have delve briefly into the history of Mexico and the Aztec people in particular.

Traditionally, different communities throughout Mexico used flags to represent their people and cultures. One legend suggests that some of the first flags displayed were by the Aztec culture whose principal god had told them to build a new city where they found an eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in its mouth. This image went on to become central to several versions of the Mexican flag, including the current one. The practice of a different flag for different communities continued well into the War of Independence. During this war, each militia carried its flag, many of which displayed the Catholic image of the Virgin Mary. One of these rebel flags depicted the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe and became famous after the Battle of the Grito de Dolores in September of

While the meaning of the colors has changed over time, these three colors were adopted by Mexico following independence from Spain during the country's War of Independence , and subsequent First Mexican Empire. The form of the coat of arms was most recently revised in , but the overall design has been used since , when the First National Flag was created. Red, white, and green are the colors of the national army in Mexico. The central emblem is the Mexican coat of arms, based on the Aztec symbol for Tenochtitlan now Mexico City , the center of the Aztec empire. It recalls the legend of an eagle sitting on a cactus while devouring a serpent that signaled to the Aztecs where to found their city, Tenochtitlan.



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