What does the name axel mean

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Axel (name)

what does the name axel mean

The Names Axel

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We're excited that you have an opinion about the name Axel. To rate names on Nameberry, please register for an account or log in to an existing account. You will receive an email no more than once per day summarizing any new mentions of Axel on Nameberry. Would you like to follow Axel? The name Axel is a boy's name of German, Scandinavian origin meaning "father of peace".

Var: Aksel, Apsel. Looking for the perfect name? Try the Name MatchMaker to find the perfect baby name for you! I am a fairly young parent. My first son was born just before my 24th birthday. We named him Acksel. A modified version of Aksel.

Axel Name Meaning & Origin

The first thing you should know if you are considering Axel for your baby's name is that in most countries all over the world the name Axel is a boy name. The name Axel is of German origin, and is used in more than one countries and different languages of the world, especially Danish speaking countries, Dutch speaking countries, English speaking countries, Norwegian speaking countries, Swedish speaking countries among others. Axel Name Meaning The meaning of Axel has more than one different etymologies.




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  1. Meaning of the name Axel: A borrowing from the Scandinavians, Axel is a cognate of the biblical Absalom, which is derived from the Hebrew 'abshalom (the .

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