When does market basket close

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Somerville Market Basket To Close Early Thursday

when does market basket close

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When you're out shopping to stock your fridge, the last thing you want is ectoplasmic goo on your produce. Visitors to Market Basket, a chain of grocery stores with 79 locations throughout New England, got reassurance their trips would be free of any supernatural interruptions this week after a spokesperson told The Boston Globe that their stores were "ghost-free. The comment was made in the wake of a social media posting by a customer who insisted that a woman wearing Victorian-era clothing had been seen floating around a store in Wilmington, Massachusetts. The Facebook notice drew other comments from people who claimed to have seen the ghost "near the frozen peas," and one resident even said a similar-sounding apparition used to wander her nearby home. The store denies any such paranormal activity. This is not the first time a food market has been suspected of harboring spirits. In November , a grocery store in Sansom Park, Texas captured an eerie, ethereal image on a security camera.

Demoulas gripped New England throughout the summer of Arthur T. Demoulas and his family will buy Market Basket. The summer saga is over, pending the closing of the deal in the next several months. Read about the deal—and the path to it—here. And read our full coverage of the saga here , with a timeline of events here. The below was last updated on the afternoon of August 27, with slight adjustments added after Arthur T.

The first official site for Market Basket. From the first store in Lowell, MA to 79 stores throughout New England, we have been proudly serving our customers.
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Demoulas, the company continues to grow. Today, Market Basket will open store No. Later this summer, it plans to open a second location in Rochester, N. By next year, it should have other new stores open in Lynn and Fall River. It opened a flurry of new stores — in Athol, Attleboro, Littleton, Revere and Waltham — after the fight over control of the company was settled in , but some locations have also closed. For a time, the company had two Westford locations. It opened a new larger site in the Cornerstone retail complex on Route , while a location just down the street that remained open for awhile recently reopened as a Whole Foods Market.

Market Basket protests

Here's what Market Basket looked like on the day before Thanksgiving





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