My stomach hurts in spanish

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Everything you ever wanted to know about traveller's diarrhoea

my stomach hurts in spanish

Translate My stomach hurts. See authoritative translations of My stomach hurts in Spanish with audio pronunciations.

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Diverticula are small pouches that bulge outward through the colon, or large intestine. If you have these pouches, you have a condition called diverticulosis. It becomes more common as people age. About half of all people over age 60 have it. Doctors believe the main cause is a low-fiber diet. Most people with diverticulosis don't have symptoms.

The esophagus is the muscular tube that carries food and liquids from your mouth to the stomach. You may not be aware of your esophagus until you swallow something too large, too hot, or too cold. You may also notice it when something is wrong. You may feel pain or have trouble swallowing. The most common problem with the esophagus is GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease.

The names for body parts in Spanish are part of the basic vocabulary any language learner will need. In addition, you'll find these simple words very useful right away. Whether you're in a clothing store or a doctor's clinic, these words will come quite handy. Most of these words are used for the body parts of animals as well as people. However, there are a few exceptions.

Hello Spnishhelperash smile. You can either say:Tengo un dolor de estomago o Me duele el estomago. Please note that the parts of the body are referred to.
what do you call the thing that holds arrows

True story: When travelling in Southeast Asia, I got bitten by a monkey. It meant I needed to get five doses of rabies vaccine. Do you know how much fun it is to go into a health center in a country where you don't speak the language, and explain that you need a rabies vaccine because you were bitten by a monkey? I had to mime "monkey" and "bite", and it was hilarious for everybody. Because charades will only get you so far, it's worth learning how to say what ails you in Spanish. This is a lesson I hope you never need, but just in case If the part of your body that hurts comes in twos or more , and they're all hurting, the " doler " verb will turn into the plural form:.


Mom, My Tummy Hurts

Spanish Course - My Stomach Hurts in Spanish - My Stomach Hurts Spanish Translation

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What Are the Names for Body Parts in Spanish?





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  1. Although there are other causes of travellers diarrhoea, your risk of getting ill mainly depends on how likely it is that the food and drink you are consuming is contaminated with disease-causing microorganisms although roughly one third of cases are due to non-specific causes such as stress, jet lag and changes in eating habits.

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