Craigslist dallas dogs for sale

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Puppies for Sale

craigslist dallas dogs for sale

Craigslist dogs

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Out of fear for Bambi's life, and because I could sympathize with them because they were disabled like me , I choose to help. That's when they hit me with this And I stated that I was under the impression that they were desperate, and the situation was urgent. They told me that they, too, didn't have much money, and that's part of the reason for asking for the re-homing fee. Now, keep in mind that I'm making a long story short.

I found a lady on craigslist with husky pups -free, we texted and emailed. After she found out where I lived nj she said she lived in Seatle Washington, she could have the puppy shipped to me. Scam yes as soon as I emailed them that I was taking the emails and phone s to the Redlion State police - which I just did- all contact stopped. Review is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer That why I quit responding to her emails.. DId some simple research and this is very much so a scam.

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Craigslist Dallas hosts all kinds of roommate ads Source: iStock. Of all the costs involved with making a living, finding affordable housing can be one of the toughest obstacles. Across the country, people are turning to non-traditional housing situations — sometimes to keep costs low, and other times for completely different reasons. In those situations, online boards like Craigslist come into play. Craigslist is home to all sorts of posts about skunk pelt purses for sale , weird job postings , and the occasional car or home for sale.

In Las Vegas, dozens of puppies have died after purchasing them from Craigslist. Not long after a woman came forward crying over her dying puppy, than other victims of the tragic situation began to speak out. Gretta had been following the adoptions of husky puppies on Animal Foundation and as she and her family hurried to the rescue to adopt one, the last pup had already been re-homed. Of course, after the children were hoping for a puppy, Gretta stated she turned to Craigslist, and although she admits she initially had a bad feeling when the man insisted they meet in a parking lot to meet the puppy, and when the man drove up in a BMW with the license plates removed, she still agreed when she instantly fell in love with fluffy Titan. Exuberant over the adorable little pup, it was only days later, they noticed he had worms. And on Tuesday when the dog began to have seizures, she rushed him to the veterinarian hospital again where he is now fighting to survive what might be distemper. The Nevada Voters for Animals is supporting the expenses for the surviving puppies, but wants something done about this alleged operation where sickness prevails and owners are left heartbroken.


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