Funny theme songs for life

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20 Happy Songs to Play When You Just Want to Feel Good

funny theme songs for life

TIK TOK SONGS You Probably Don't Know The Name Of

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If you think we missed a tune, let us know in the comments section below. To select our funny songs, we took a look at tracks that genuinely make us laugh, don't take themselves too seriously and also, the music itself must be great. They don't necessary need to have been Billboard hits, they just need to be funny songs. Looking for songs to put you in a good mood? Don't forget to look at our 65 best happy songs of all time. When i get mad And i get pissed I grab my pen And i write out a list Of all the people That won't be missed You've made my shitlist.

Music is known to be able to change your mood. It can boost you up or completely mellow you out. If you're feeling down and want to cheer up, some people find comfort in listening to depressing music, it being relateable to their current mood. Others, need a song that will make them smile so they can forget about their old mood. If you're part of the people belonging in the latter group, not only do we have just the song for you, we have got 65 happy songs that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face The criteria for selecting our happy music is simple. We looked for tracks that have catchy beats, uplifting lyrics, have memorable lyrics that are easy to sing along to and are songs that make you want to get up and dance.

There's real science to back up how music can affect your overall mood. After listening to this feel-good playlist, good luck resisting a smile or the urge to dance. The message promoted throughout the upbeat tune is that you can overcome any trial or tribulation through positive thinking and prayer. Super producer Mark Ronson released this addictive, high-energy song with the late superstar, Amy Winehouse, in Its old-school vibe will have you smiling while dancing to the funky beat. When you need some assistance getting "through this thing called life," turn up the volume on Prince 's single, "Let's Go Crazy.

For me, music is a very emotional thing. Sometimes it makes you cry. Hats off to you, Mumford And Sons. I can't tell you how many times I've blasted The Bronx in my apartment, started a one-person circle pit and accidentally knocked over a ficus. Or it can induce a major case of the ha-has. In the last couple weeks, I've put away the weepy ballads and angst anthems in favor of more lighthearted fair.

56 Most Inspirational Songs of All Time

What Is Your Personal Theme Song?

Sometimes when we hear a certain song, we think about how much it describes ourselves, whether it be a personal anthem or lyrics that just fit your personality just rightor just right at the moment. Well, I am always singing and I do spin in circles at random. I was a magical, sparkling tease. I was a rainbow choking the breeze. My fingernails shined like justice and my voice is still dark like tinted glass. I have no direction home and my life is a complete unknown. As long as this music is behind me, no one could ever get upset.



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