When letters stand for words

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What's an Initialism?

when letters stand for words

An acronym in which one of the letters stands for the actual word abbreviated therein is called a recursive acronym. (For example, VISA is said to stand for VISA.

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Help your kids build their vocabulary! Everything you need to know. And their families of confusing verbs. You all would not have guessed some of these. Johnson asks to suspend Parliament.

The historical development of mnemonics and mnemonic devices begins with a poet named Simonides of Ceos in the fifth century B. In the fashion of the time, the poet began with a few lines in praise of divinities — in this case, Castor and Pollux — before going on to the serious business of talking about his host. Shortly thereafter, a message was brought to the poet that two young men had come to the door of the house and wished to speak to him. When Simonides went to see them, there was no one there — but in his absence the banquet hall collapsed behind him, killing the impious nobleman and all the dinner guests as well. Castor and Pollux, traditionally imaged as two young men, had indeed paid their half of the fee. Tales of this sort were commonplace in Greek literature, but this one has an unexpected moral. When the rubble was cleared away, the victims were found to be so mangled that their own families could not identify them.

The word itself only dates back to the s. Acronyms are words formed with the initial letters of a phrase, but unlike an initialism such as the FBI an acronym is pronounced phonetically. Here are 15 words you may be shocked to realize are actually acronyms -- and what they actually mean:. SNAFU: Situation Normal, All Fucked Up The industrialization of the military in the s was a major driver of new acronyms into the English vocabulary -- largely because of new technologies with complicated names, but also thanks to terms like SNAFU, which referred to the general chaos and horror of the battlefields. Its origin as an acronym is still fairly common knowledge, but who among us can remember what it actually represents?

An acronym is a word or name formed as a type of abbreviation from the initial components of a . and /?a?r?/, respectively. The spelled-out form of an acronym or initialism (that is, what it stands for) is called its expansion. interchange format". Pronounced as a word, containing a mixture of initial and non-initial letters.
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Abbreviations are shortened forms of words or lengthy phrases. You'll find them in almost every discipline and area of life, from commonly used abbreviations in names or titles, such as Mr. There is more than one type of abbreviation. An initialism is where a long phrase is abbreviated to its initial letters but the letters are pronounced individually, not spoken as a word - for example, FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation. An initialism can be considered a type of acronym. The U.

You should know the difference between an acronym and an initialism. Both acronyms and initialisms are abbreviations, but there is a key difference between the two, at least at present. So as the English language evolves, this additional definition of acronym may stick and become widely accepted. Acronyms, of course, are abbreviations where the abbreviation is formed from letters of other words usually the first letter of each word, though not always. The part of the definition of acronym that many people miss is that the resulting abbreviation needs to be pronounceable as a word. Initialisms are very similar to acronyms in that they are made up of letters of some name or phrase, usually the first letter of each word as is common with acronyms. Another thing about acronyms and initialisms that often causes confusion is whether or not one should place periods after each letter in order to be grammatically correct.

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