Dog crate for golden retriever

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Top 5 Best Dog Crates for Golden Retrievers

dog crate for golden retriever

For starters, the best dog crate size for Golden Retriever puppies is going to look quite different than the crate size you will need when your little.

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There are many benefits to crate training a golden retriever, however when talking about crating, people often react with the notion of locking up a dog against his will, having him whining for hours until he eventually gives up and stops. Although inexperienced or misinformed dog owners often make this mistake, it should not reflect the purpose and benefits originally envisioned in dog crating. Dogs will instinctively search for a small and safe place to burrow into that will keep them safe and warm, crate training exists to respond to this particular need. Crate training is mostly about teaching your dog to become used to his crate, to consider the crate his own private space where he can sleep and be at ease. The Benefits of Crate Training a Golden Retriever Crating your dog has many benefits, a trained dog will retreat to his crate whenever he is tired and just want to sleep or relax a little, furthermore it becomes a place where you can leave your dog and go about your day, knowing he is in a place where he is safe and well. Besides these key advantages it is also helpful in thwarting unwanted chewing, in keeping your dog quiet following veterinarian intervention, and during travel.

As as a pet parent, you want to find the best dog crate for Golden Retrievers to make sure your dog is comfortable and safe. Dogs are den animals, which means when they lived in the wild they depended on a den to keep them safe from predators, give them time to heal from wounds, give birth to puppies and protect them from harsh elements in the environment. Today, dogs still need the feeling of safety to help them live a healthy natural life.
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Crate training is an essential part of house training and a way to make your dog feel comfortable and safe. Finding the right dog crate for your Golden Retriever can be a bit difficult, though, when you look at all of the different sizes and types of crates available. There are also multiple pain points you should be considering before purchasing a crate for your pup. If you have any questions or you feel we missed anything, drop us a line in the comments section. Note: Clicking the above links will take you to further information, current prices and customer reviews on Amazon.

Top 4 Best Dog Crates for Golden Retrievers – Recommendations, Reviews & Tips

Golden Retriever – Fun Facts and Crate Size

Dog Crates, cages and indoor kennels - parlour or prison? Dog crates, cages or indoor kennels have become easily available in recent years, used correctly they will become a much loved den and bolt hole for a dog, incorrectly used they can encourage neglect and lack of training in lazy or negligent owners. The main value of a crate is in providing a young puppy with a safe place to rest and to encourage house training particularly overnight. However most dogs love to find an enclosed spot, behind the sofa or under the coffee table for example, where they can feel cosy whilst keeping an eye on household activities. A crate can create a cosy den for an adult dog to enjoy but there are do's and don't of which to be aware.

The Golden Retriever was first bred in the late 19th century in the Scottish Highlands. Due to their smelling abilities and intelligence, this dog is ideal for training in various important jobs. The Golden Retriever is considered the fourth smartest of dog breeds in the world. They require frequent human interaction and should not be left alone for more than six to seven hours at a time. These medium energy dogs are known as a symmetrical, active and powerful dog. This dog loves being in the water and is generally easy to obedience train.

Though many novice owners cringe at the idea of putting their Golden Retriever in the confinement of a crate, these cages provide a ton of advantages. In fact, dog crates are one of the most effective tools for housebreaking your Golden Retriever. Outside of housetraining, getting your puppy accustomed to being in a crate is a good idea. It allows for many things, such as easier visits to the vet, traveling by air and providing an anxiety-free environment. Regardless, a dog crate should be on top of the list of any new Golden Retriever owner. Most Golden Retrievers reach their full adult size by month

In a previous article I detailed the many benefits using a dog crate can provide for both you and your dog. I then dispelled the myth of using a dog crate being cruel …as long as you use it correctly! I then followed up with advice on both when you should as well as when you should not use a crate , to be sure you only ever use it with your dogs best interests in mind and never in a selfish or cruel way.

What Size Crate For Golden Retriever Puppies and Adults

A dog crate may very well be the most important purchase for your puppy or dog. Dogs are den animals and need their own space to escape to. In general, crates have a bad reputation but you should think of it as a safe place for your dog.. We highly recommend that your puppy get used to the crate during sleeping hours because they are more prone to accidents. It will make your life much easier. As a side note, it took Lucky about two nights to get used to sleeping in his crate.

Working out what size crate for Golden Retriever owners should buy can be more challenging than it first appears! For starters, the best dog crate size for Golden Retriever puppies is going to look quite different than the crate size you will need when your little Golden pup grows up!
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