How to make my curly hair straight for guys

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Yes, You Can Straighten Your Hair Without Using Heat

how to make my curly hair straight for guys

How to Make Hair Straight Naturally for Men. If you have curly or wavy hair and want to change up your look, you may have considered.


Transforming wavy hair into a stick-straight style often involves the copious use of chemicals, hair dryers, and flat irons—all amped up to their highest, most follicle-damaging heat settings. But women have been straightening their hair for decades without heat, too—long before ceramic plates, tourmaline, or ionic who's-it-what's-its were even a glimmer in T3's eye. While heat-free hair straightening techniques might not work for everyone—"Honestly, it's not very realistic to achieve a straight style from a strong wave or a curly head of hair without using some kind of heat or hot tool," says Jill Engelsen, senior stylist at New York City's Butterfly Studio —it is possible to get close if you're starting with naturally wavy, medium to fine hair. That's also not to say natural hair and extremely wavy hair types do have any no heat options. Natural and deep wave types can always try using rollers or stretching hair by wrapping it around the head. So, for those looking to achieve straighter locks without risking damage, here are seven professional DIY tips for straightening hair the heat-free way.

Japanese hair straightening is a new technique that makes frizzy, curly or wavy hair pin-straight without causing much damage to your hair. Unlike using a flat iron to temporarily straighten your hair, Japanese hair straightening actually makes your hair stay straight — permanently. Only hair whose surface has actually undergone the treatment will be permanently straight. When your roots start to grow in, you can go in to your salon for a touch up, which will make the roots straight, too. Depending on how fast your hair grows, that means you may have to go in to your salon to get your roots touched up every six months or so, or maybe even longer. Almost any type of hair works well for the Japanese hair straightening treatment, including curly, frizzy and wavy hair. But you will have to go in to your salon for a consultation to figure out whether or not it will work for your hair type.

Getting your hair to look sleek, straight, and healthy can feel like solving a difficult math equation. Using hot styling tools to straighten hair strips your hair of moisture, causing breakage. Over time, blow-dryers, ceramic straighteners, and hot curling irons can cause damage that makes even the most carefully styled hair look dry and coarse. There are tricks you can try to get straight hair without frying or burning your hair with heat. Most of these tricks will work better for people with finer hair that carries a bit of a wave.

Short, curly hair can be a challenge. When you want a smoother, sleeker look, you may not be able to use a hair dryer to straighten out your locks. A flat iron works best for short hair, so you can straighten every curl, no matter how short. Curly hair tends to be dry and can also be frizzy, so use the right styling tools and products to get an end result that lasts all day. Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner made for curly hair. Curly hair can be frizzy, especially when you use heated styling tools to straighten the strands. By infusing your hair with a dose of specialized shampoo, you can deposit silicone onto the hair to help keep it straight.

A couple of methods are available to straighten the curly or wavy hair. The straightening process can be done temporarily with a blow dryer and comb or a flat iron will also aid in achieving straight strands. A relaxer helps to chemically straighten the hair in a semi-permanent procedure. Research, trial and error methods will help a man to not only choose the kind of styling equipment but also the products that work best for him. The following steps aid in achieving hair straightening temporarily. Before starting the blowout the hair needs to be clean and conditioned.

Curly to Straight Hair – How To Straighten Curly Hair? (Men’s Hair Tutorial)

This is so often that I come across people that crib about their curly hair and curse the lord for the partiality done on its part. Some people are just born with all the luck in this entirety because they have lustrous flowing locks that they can show off.

If you're a guy and want to straighten your curly or wavy hair, there are a couple of The conditioner may also help soften your hair, which will make it easier to comb if Smoothing conditioners may make it easier to comb your hair straight.
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