Where to buy fresh shrimp in new orleans

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where to buy fresh shrimp in new orleans

Shopping at the Westwego Seafood Market

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Louisiana Direct Seafood connects you with fishermen and local dealers to directly purchase fresh, delicious shrimp, crabs, fish and other seafood… one step away from the boat. We are a seafood portal, helping consumers find the latest catch from local waters in one of two ways:. You take it from there—call for pricing, packaging and pick-up. We have some gorgeous Louisiana shrimp ready to go. Jumbos and bait shrimp available.

Are you craving seafood? Pick your catch, your flavor, and your heat at Boil Seafood House. We offer a vast selection of flavor profiles to choose from. When you dine at our restaurant, be prepared to eat with your hands and get all your fingers dirty. Each meal is one of a kind and will leave you wanting more!

Tommys Seafood Inc. In Louisiana, seafood is second nature to us. We rely on Mother Nature to provide for us and take pride in knowing that the fruits of our labor feed the hungry, allow for families and friends to pass a good time, and most importantly remind us of where we came from. We love connecting with customers on social media. Follow us, tweet at us, tag us — we want to hear from you!

First of all, I can't remember, is shrimp in season? This may be a mute point but I'll ask anyway. We will be heading to NOLA in 15 days! We're looking for a good place to get possibly up to lbs of fresh gray gray gray! I have always gotten shrimp in Lafayette at roadside shrimpers, but never in NO area.

Headed to New Orleans for a few days does anyone know of a good place to buy large shrimp right from the boat. Grand Isle , about 2 hours away. No restaurant would dare serve frozen shrimp when the boat delivers them fresh every day. You can find fresh shrimp at any seafood market or Rouse's Markets. They will be in the shell and head on. Good luck.

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For over 50 years Deanie's has been serving huge portions of the best boiled, broiled and fried seafood. Join us in Bucktown and in the French Quarter or visit Deanie's Louisiana seafood market online at shopdeanies.

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Buy fish off dock in Biloxi, MS. Fresh seafood, enjoy fresh shrimps off Mississippi Sound.



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