Ashes of al ar drop rate

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World of Warcraft: Ashes of Al'ar didn't drop!

ashes of al ar drop rate

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I got Invincible on like my 4th run and I was going for the pet, not even the mount. So yeah it happens. I farmed forever until it finally dropped for me. I LOVE it, and use it but those wing sounds………. It only took me like four or five runs tbh. But I must have run ICC a thousand times and still dont have that mount. Took me forever.

Save time by skipping directly to the section you need by using the table of contents at the top! Tempest Keep is a Burning Crusade-era raid. Fly to Cosmowrench in Netherstorm. Fly east to the Tempest Keep, The Eye entrance. You do not need to change any difficulty settings for this dungeon. The above map is for a straight-up mount run.

In the end it all comes down to luck. Phoenix doesn't have visible legs and it will always be flying. In "rest" state on ground it will still flap it's wings. When "running" on the ground you will go at regular epic mount speed. Otherwise phoenix performs like any other flying mount and same rules apply. Phoenix leaves several trails from it's wings and tail. You can make some pretty looking trail figures with some fancy flying.

A mount collection item. It is looted and sold on the Black Market. In the Mount Items category. Added in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.
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Hi everyone! I am back with my blog after 2 years. So much has been happening in my personal life but I am back, ready to get my game face on with my blog and I will be posting at least twice or thrice per week. This mount took me, at least, over 60 tries on 5 characters until I eventually got it three days ago. Now, in order to get this mount, you have to go to Tempest Keep, which is located in the Netherstorm in Outland. This raid is only available on 25 man normal as there were no heroic or mythic settings for the BC raids back then.

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Ashes of Al'ar






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