Duke of york azur lane

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Destroyers (DD)

duke of york azur lane

Duke of mishkanet.com King George V-class. HMS Duke of York. zh: ???? ja: ??????????? ko: ?? ?? ??.

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King George V Class, Battleship, Royal Navy. During each battle, increase the damage of the first main gun slavo fired by Duke of York by % (50%). Enemies that are hit by Duke of York's main gun take an additional % (12%) damage for 8 seconds.
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As such their ships are not difficult to get. They are introduced in the prologue tutorial as they fight the Ironblood Battleship Bismarck. They would later become the primary protagonist group of the various Ironblood events, in particular "Divergent Chessboard", "Winter's Crown" and "Starry Skies over the Fjord". Royal Navy ships tend to have good evasion, whether through raw evasion stats or through skills such as Emergency Evasion or some sort of Smokescreen. Their Destroyers and Cruisers favor torpedo above guns, if anything.

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Winter's Crown Event Preview/Ship Reviews

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This is Azur Lane Tier List. For Healers, there is 1 additional criteria: Healing Capacity. Each criterion has different weights based on the importance of that criterion in auto farming.
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