Wrx sti type ra specs

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2018 Subaru WRX STI Type RA First Drive

wrx sti type ra specs

The Subaru WRX STI Type RA executes exactly what we've fallen The package also comes with weight reductions including a carbon.

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In fact, buzz off—there are stamps that need collecting. This is the first time Subaru has graced America with one of its truly special Subaru Tecnica International creations, and only examples will be sold here for at least , each bearing its own serialized number plate next to the shifter. There are no options or upgrades, but you can take your pick of white, blue, or black paint. The engine gets some minor but significant upgrades, including new sodium-filled valves and reinforced pistons. Both of these modifications are essentially durability upgrades, helping the Type RA to withstand the rigors of extended high rpm and high-boost track usage.

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We can't fault Subaru for neglecting its scrappy WRX STI sport-compact sedan —which was last significantly updated for and soldiers on with an engine dating back to the car's debut—given the carmaker's continued record sales months that are stacking up like cordwood on the back of its fresher mainstream products. But with the Subaru Tecnica International STI performance division celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, combined with a range of newer and more capable competitors invading the WRX's playpen, something special needed to be done. That the NBR version is not an actual production vehicle, but a specially prepared race car, matters little to Subaru. We've already spent considerable time behind the wheel of the RA, including at our annual Lightning Lap event at Virginia International Raceway, where it lopped nearly six seconds off the time of the last STI we tracked there in Atop of the minor updates that all STIs received for —revised fascias and performance jewelry, beefier Brembo brakes, a smattering of interior refinements, and an electronically controlled limited-slip center differential with a manual lock in place of the previous mechanical and electronic unit—the RA follows a conventional if modest go-fast formula.

Was second wrx for me, the first was a mod witch had its fair share of mods I might add, after killing the engine, it spat a valve. I jumped on it straight away, I had to fly half way accross the country to look at it, but this could only mean I thing? Road trip home. Was absolutely wicked trip home, very very impressed wit my new toy. Unfortunately about a year later I had to part with her" I lost my licence for 5 years" no point keeping her and my other babies if I couldn't drive them for so long.

Subaru WRX STI Type RA-R has more power, less weight

On a spirited ride it makes you feel safe and scared at the same time, without forcing you to chase ridiculously dangerous speeds to experience its personality. The car spits and swells and slingshots around turns, fulfilling your JDM all-wheel drive turbo fantasies. The Subaru WRX is, and has been for some time, one of the best performance-car bargains you can get.

2018 WRX STI Type RA

For that, you need to step inside and take it for a spin. That weight saving was achieved thanks to the prevalent use of carbon fiber on the body, most notably on the roof and the side mirrors. Subaru is also opening the option to buy the Type RA-R without the rear wing in the back. The wheels, on the other hand, have to remain in the car. The instrument panel gets its own high-gloss black decoration with the RA-R logo while the door trims, armrests, and console lid are all covered in simulated leather and, once again, red stitching.

2018 Subaru WRX STI Type RA-R





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