Netflix worth more than disney

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How Netflix Makes Money

netflix worth more than disney

Netflix Officially Loses Marvel, Starwars + Pixar Films and Shows to Disney in 2019

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Media giants Disney and Netflix have both proven to be extremely successful companies over the years, and each landed a spot on the Forbes list of the world's most valuable brands in Which company's stock would have made you richer if you invested 10 years ago, though? The answer is Netflix by a lot. Disney pointed to its merger with Fox, weak theme park attendance and streaming costs as reasons for its performance. While Netflix would have made you more money, any individual stock can over- or underperform and past returns do not predict future results.

For the rest of Memorial Day weekend at least, Netflix remains the world's most highly valued media and entertainment company. Netflix provides a clarity of purpose and future-of-entertainment focus that is admirable and absolutely of the moment. Many seem to agree. The key, certainly, is whether Netflix can continue subscriber growth at similar levels for multiple quarters to come. Regardless, Netflix's strategy is a clear and straightforward one: invest in lots of programs. Stream those shows.

But as it has in so many other ways, the internet age has changed the rules.
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That comparison sparked claims that Netflix had become "bigger" than Disney. This isn't true, because Disney is expected to generate nearly four times as much revenue as Netflix this year -- and it's much more profitable. While Netflix isn't technically "bigger" than Disney by most measures, we should still examine how the streaming giant's market cap -- which more than doubled over the past 12 months -- overtook Disney's. Here are the top four reasons. A company's market cap is a stock's price multiplied by the number of outstanding shares. Netflix trades at times this year's earnings and times next year's earnings.

Why Disney Will Be Valued Like Netflix

Netflix's Market Value Dropped $8 Billion After the Disney Plus Announcement

Walt Disney Co. This could warrant it the same valuation of Netflix Inc. Looking forward, Disney has no shortage of content and plenty of Marvel films lined up, including at least five untitled ones expected to release through , per Barron's. Additionally, this weekend's box office debut included a trailer showing a new X-Men film, while new installments are expected for the popular Frozen and Toy Story franchises, and a remake of The Lion King. The company is also reportedly preparing to massively expand its parks at Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida within the next few months with a Star Wars themed section. EV refers to enterprise value , or the market capitalization of a company plus the cost of its debt and net of cash. This should be a major challenge for Disney as it starts it streaming service from the ground up and heads off against established players like global leader Netflix and Hulu, as well as deep-pocketed tech giants Amazon.

Is Netflix Really Worth More Than Disney Or Comcast?

For the latest business news and markets data, please visit CNN Business. Netflix is still in second place ahead of Comcast, which it passed Wednesday. Netflix has added millions of subscribers around the globe for the past few years. The company's success demonstrates that its bet on original content -- shows like "Stranger Things," "Orange is the New Black, "The Crown" and "13 Reasons Why" -- has paid off. The company even announced a price hike for subscribers last year, but that hasn't slowed its growth. Disney plans to launch its own streaming network.

The short answerthey don't. Actually, since , Netflix has not had any positive cash flow. Netflix was founded in by Reed Hastings and Marc Rudolph as a service that allowed users to rent movies on DVD through the internet and have them mailed to their doors. Now, 21 years later, Netflix is primarily a provider of online streamable content including TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Along with 5.


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