Very funny non veg joke in hindi santa banta

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very funny non veg joke in hindi santa banta

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Banta: What is the closest thing to a woman's period? Santa: Salary, it comes once a month and lasts about days. And if it doesn't come, you're in big shit. Banta: What comes after 69? Santa: Mouthwash.

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Veg and Non - Veg Jokes and Funny Images. May 26, . Superb Santa Banta Non Stop Jokes 1- Santa ko ek bar banta ne khane per bulaya.. Santa jab.
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Santa: My friend said women are only good for food and sex. I was appalled. Banta: Why? Santa: He forgot about cleaning! Santa: A crashing economy can effect a person's sex life drastically.


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Santa Banta Non Veg Funny Hindi Jokes




We also have Santa Banta Non Veg Jokes for you. All the jokes related to S&B (popularly known as S&B) are very stupid and yet funny but their foolishness.
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