History of brooklyn new york

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Brooklyn NY History

history of brooklyn new york

Brooklyn is a borough of New York City coterminous with Kings County, the most populous county in the U.S. state of.


Brooklyn has several bridge and tunnel connections to the borough of Manhattan across the East River , and the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge connects it with Staten Island. With a land area of Brooklyn was an independent incorporated city and previously an authorized village and town within the provisions of the New York State Constitution until January 1, , when, after a long political campaign and public relations battle during the s, according to the new Municipal Charter of "Greater New York", Brooklyn was consolidated with the other cities, boroughs, and counties to form the modern City of New York , surrounding the Upper New York Bay with five constituent boroughs. The borough continues, however, to maintain a distinct culture. Many Brooklyn neighborhoods are ethnic enclaves.

Although Brooklyn has been a borough of New York City for more than a century, it had a long and illustrious history as an independent city until that time. In , the last census before it was annexed, Brooklyn ranked as the fourth largest city in the United States. The first settlement in what is now Brooklyn took place in , when a group of Dutch farmers established themselves along the shore of Gowanus Bay. Flatlands, on Jamaica Bay, and Wallabout were established at about the same time. In , a ferry to Manhattan was established at what is now the foot of Fulton Street, and the community that grew up there became known as The Ferry. In , a settlement was established near the site of the present borough hall and was designated Breuckelen, perhaps after a town in Holland. The spelling varied for more than a century before being settled as "Brooklyn.

By Kristen Goode. Brooklyn residents often like to wax poetic about old school Brooklyn and what their neighborhood was like before newcomers arrived. Of course, history is constantly being made. Next time you're walking around Brooklyn, you'll have a better understanding of street names and how the city was shaped. Brooklyn was once home to the Canarsie Native American tribe, people who fished and farmed the land. In the early s, though, Dutch colonists moved in and took over the area. Over the next years, Brooklyn's forested, rural landscape gave way to urbanization, and the area eventually became the Brooklyn we know today which is one of the most populated regions in the United States.

The story of Brooklyn began long before Columbus sailed to the New World. Brooklyn, situated at the southern tip of Long Island, was originally inhabited by a group of American Indians who called themselves the Lenape, which means "the People. The Dutch, who settled in Manhattan in the early s, called their neighbors "river Indians" or "wild people. As a result of diseases, such as smallpox, that were new to America; war; land deals that were not always honorable; and other factors, by the s the native people had lost all claims to the rolling, heavily forested landscape. Gravesend, a sixth village, was founded in by Lady Deborah Moody, an Englishwoman who was fleeing religious persecution in England and the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

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