Credit secrets larry king book

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credit secrets?

credit secrets larry king book

Credit Secrets - The Secret Of Improving Your Credit

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Affecting the lives of more than million consumers all across America. In his brand new tell-all interview featuring nationally renowned credit expert John Ulzheimer, King uncovers several ways consumers can escape the current credit crisis plaguing so many Americans today. In , King says, a major FTC study found that 1 in 5 Americans has at least one error on their credit report. A follow up study in found that 70 percent of consumers believed the information on their credit reports was still incorrect. Meaning millions of consumers could be paying thousands more in interest than they should be, even if they think their credit is good. In this all new television special, Larry King not only gets to the bottom of why this is really happening, but reveals real-life solutions almost anyone can use, to finally overcome their financial struggles. One solution is a new book written by a husband and wife in California named Scott and Alison Hilton.

I was up late one morning and the Larry King is your credit in crisis infomercial came on. Well I'm actually quite suprised at how informative and concise the book is. My trepidation was relieved after reading through and completing some of the action items. I work in real estate sales and I'm always looking for clear, concise credit advice to pass on the clients. This was a few buck well spent! I caught a few minutes of that infomercial and had flashbacks of Kevin Trudeau's scam credit book.

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Larry King Hosts All New Special Report: "Is Your Credit In Crisis?"





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