How to get rid of gnats while playing golf

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how to get rid of gnats while playing golf

We have a couple products that I keep in my golf bag for gnats and flies. I use Liquid We were playing The Woods in the sheets didn't phase them. Dryer sheets reduce the gnats but doesnt totally get rid of them.


At the two Griffith Park golf courses, jungle wear has become de rigueur , with many morning duffers donning mosquito-net hoods before teeing off. The latest accessory has little to do with looks--obviously--and everything to do with golf. And gnats. To deal with the most massive infestation of so-called buffalo gnats in Los Angeles--believed caused by a cleaner Los Angeles River--serious golfers have come up with the novel remedy. Golf course supervisors know of only one other way to combat the buzzing black clouds. The tiny insects, also known as black flies, are rising out of a mile stretch of the L. River, from about Studio City to Elysian Park, in numbers never before seen--or swatted at or swallowed.

Share on ThriftyFun This page contains the following solutions. Have something to add? Please share your solution! Sadly, I've had to admit that gnats are attracted to me. I assure you, it is a one sided affair.

Discussion Them pesky Gnats. What to search discussions questions polls comments answers groups. Jun 11, in Golf Style and Accessories 1. What do you guys do to keep Gnats away. Jun 11, 2. They have been some type of awful this year with the lack of a winter.

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How to Control Gnats Outdoors

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Repelling Gnats Outside

Pest Wiki. The garden, trees and often the excreta of the pets attract a lot of gnats around the house. While mostly the gnats stay outside the house sometimes they also get indoors. The worst part about gnats is that they fly in clusters and if bitten by them one can have immediate rashes or redness in skin. The tiny insects with a dark body and transparent wings are harmful to the kids and adults alike.

Gnats are an annoying, unwanted aspect of nature., Gnats tend to congregate in mulch and shrubbery.

Essential Oils (That Work Magically) as Gnat Repellents






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  1. I used to play a lot with my grampa and when the gnats would be bothering me . The label basically says it'll kill you, but it's absolutely amazing against It work really well for me in the South Louisiana marsh while fishing.

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