How to get massive shoulders

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How to Get Wide Shoulders

how to get massive shoulders

Dec 20, It's been said that "shoulders make the man. energy and effort into the other two delt heads to get those big boulder shoulders you're after.

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One of the worst feelings in the world is the anticipation of delayed-onset muscle soreness DOMs that never materializes. These are the times when you typically commit to crafting or adopting a routine designed to remind those muscle fibers, whose growth-resistant antics now border on contempt, who is really in charge. And when it comes to your shoulders, this type of beatdown is even more important. Trained to some degree on every other workout day, delts are quick to become complacent. But with a careful mixture of exercises and the proper manipulation of training variables that push your muscles beyond failure, your shoulders can see impressive and oftentimes rapid growth.

It's been said that "shoulders make the man. To that end, here's a week program that'll blow up your delts and blow your mind! If there's one muscle group that screams power, it's the shoulders. You can't hide them in a T-shirt, hoodie, or even a jacket. Who'd want to?

Wide shoulders are desirable because they can make your frame look more proportional by widening the appearance of the upper body. Wide shoulders are more square than round, and sometimes have a bony protrusion. Wide shoulders are usually strong, which can help you with everyday tasks such as lifting heavy objects or playing sports. Standing up straight can help enhance the appearance of your shoulders. Opening your chest and drawing your shoulders back down your spine can help improve your posture. This can make you feel and look more confident and boost your mood. Shoulder width can be changed to a certain degree.

Here's what you need to know For bigger shoulders, start by training them first in the week and first in the workout, when you're fresh. The barbell overhead press can wear out many a lifter. Use a trap bar or football bar and limit pressing to once a week. Get in extra shoulder work with lateral raises.

How to Build Big Shoulders

Your Blueprint For Building Bigger Shoulders

Few men relish shoulder day, but neglect it at your peril. Broadening out up top will slim your waist and carve out that coveted V-shape. Also, you'll be pleased to know, if you've never properly tested them, gains will come quicker than anywhere else on your body. The benefits of working you shoulders aren't limited to just gains though. A study by Karolinska Hospital's Department of Orthopedics found that when patients with recurrent shoulder dislocations performed exercises that targeted the rotator-cuff muscles and the deltoid, they were relieved from pain and the number of dislocations they suffered were limited. So for the good of your health, and to get you the best pump-up up top, we asked PT and osteopath James White for some of his best exercises and fashioned them into an intense workout that builds muscle fast.

How To Build A Bigger Shoulder At Home


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