What age can you get a nose piercing uk

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How old for nose piercing?

what age can you get a nose piercing uk

Nose Piercing Cons You NEED To Know Before Getting Your Nose Pierced!

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Blue Banana is the largest body piercer in Europe and as such, we have a responsibility to act ethically at all times. Therefore, while there is no specific legal control over the age at which body piercing can be offered in the UK, we have our own strict professional practice guidelines and we have set our own piercing age restrictions, which you can see below. If you are a parent and have any concerns around body piercing, please contact one of our stores and we will be happy to discuss your worries. If you appear younger than the age required for your desired piercing, you will be asked to prove your age through a form of photographic identification. If you are a parent and wish to give consent for your child to have a piercing completed, you will need to accompany them to the store. Our piercing prices are always extremely competitive and many of our stores run promotions regularly in order to reduce the cost even further.

The British public think there should be an age limit on getting ear piercings without parental consent in England and Wales, with more than two thirds thinking the age limit should be at least 16, and around one in five stipulating that it should be at least Opinion is similar when it comes to piercings of other parts of the body, with nine out of ten people saying the limit for this should be at least 16, and one in ten going as far as saying that the age should be at least 21 or over. Although Scotland has a consent age of at least 16 for ear piercings, there are no laws regulating piercings for minors in England and Wales. However, opinion is split over other body piercings. There are perhaps unsurprising differences between age groups regarding the issue. Among all age groups, setting an age limit of 16 or over is the most popular option for ear piercings.

You can have your ears pierced from age 0 — 15 providing that you have parental consent. The following law applies whether you see a professional body piercer or get a friend to do your body piercing. On any other body part, written consent is required before the child under 18 can have that body part pierced. If the piercer fails to get parental consent, then the piercer commits an offence. This restriction does not apply to body piercing carried out for a medical or therapeutic purpose. Please note: Laws are subject to change.

WITH people eager to look like their favourite celebrities, piercing are as popular as ever. Here's all you need to know about getting your ears, nose, eyebrows, tongues and even your nipple pierced. In England and Wales, there is no legal age of when you can have a piercing, so long as the person consents to it. This means that if the person receiving the piercing is happy to have it, there is no age restriction. However, the rules are slightly different in Scotland, where parental consent is required until the person is

Body piercings, such as earrings or bellybutton piercings , are a great way to express your individuality. They also provide a wide range of aesthetic opportunities because there are thousands of different jewellery styles available to choose from. Body piercings are particularly popular with teenagers and younger people. Every year, thousands of under 18s in the United Kingdom consider getting a body piercing, however piercings for minors are still a disputed topic. At present, there are very few laws governing piercings for minors. Earrings, nose piercings, tongue piercings and lips piercings can technically be performed on persons of any age. Although there are no laws specifically prohibiting genital piercings or nipple piercings on people under the age of 16, there are many other laws which would be taken into account in these circumstances.

The Law Relating to Body Piercing and Tattoos

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Basic Body Piercing Advice

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Body Piercing Information

Having a tattoo or a body piercing is a big decision, and in a lot of cases, a permanent one. Until recently, the laws applying to tattoos and body piercing were sketchy to say the least, and it could be hard to tell who was reputable and who to avoid. What Laws Apply to Body Art? The main areas of law that relate to body piercing and tattoos cover the health, safety and licensing of any premises that carries out 'cosmetic' skin piercing and permanent tattooing. These laws are:. There is no legal age of consent for body piercing, and so it's legal for someone under the age of 18 to have a piercing as long as they have consented to it. Children under the age of 16 can't legally consent to a genital or in the case of girls, nipple piercing, as it's considered to be indecent assault.





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